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This page is now years old, and no further info is available, or support given, sorry.

This Free Basic Interpreter is now available for download.

The little "rAVeR!"
DT006 The Newbie Starting Point. Here is the simple cost effective method of getting started in Microcontrollers and programming in the Basic Language. Anyone familiar with QBasic will dive straight in to this one. Free programmer, free programmer software.

Also Check out the  for a similar Basic Interpreter using an 84 chip.

  Parallax is the home of the Basic Stamps and other nice PIC products.
BASIC Stamp is a registered trademark of Parallax, Inc. Information on purchasing Parallax Products

Some time ago, Antti Lukats of Sistudios came up with a Basic Stamp divided by four. The original basic Stamp One has 256 bytes for tokens in an external 256 byte EEPROM.

Antti's has just 64, which is the internal data eeprom storage of the PIC16C84 and PIC16F84 EEPROM version PICmicros.
It appears that possible additional development on this project is not forthcoming, so Antti has granted me permission to place this code on the web free for personal use only.
There is no external EEPROM required, just the 84 micro, so the dt101 PCB is ideal for this project.
Please have a look at: pickaxe.html for a list of hardware required for this project.

This is an ideal starting point for Students, and Hobbyists, and may well be suitable for small Industrial Applications.

If it is in red text, it means most people either ignore it, or choose not to read it. Please read it if in red.
is the address of the 80K file.
Username: files
Password: dontronics

Download BS4 PDF Schematic

Re: BS4 - corrupt file? 22-Sep-98
This file is 82,041 bytes in length.
In the first 3 days there has been 552 downloads and only two people have reported problems. I downloaded and tested the file as being OK. Please try again. Perhaps too many users have been trying to access it at the same time and the connection times out. One user reported it as being 81,920 bytes.

What do I get:
A BS-1/4 is a BS-1 in an 84 package with only 1/4 of the tokens of a BS-1. All you need is the files, a PIC16C84,  (or PIC16F84) and a DT101 SimmStick. You have to be able to burn the 84 with the BS-1/4 Basic Interpreter. When this is done, you download the 64 basic tokens into the 84s Internal EEPROM using the special downloader software via your RS-232 port on a DOS machine.

The DT001 Simmstick motherboard can be used as a platform and burner for the DT101 Simmstick.
As an alternative, the dt111 board can also be used as a target board.

There are two Hex files for the 84 Basic Interpreter. One is for Inverted comms, (Max-232 etc.), the other is for non-inverted using 22K resistors. I have tried the Inverted version on my DT001 board and it worked first time.

(Still needs a few commands sorted out. Button and Pot not working just yet, and lots of testing to be done. )
This now won't be done. What you see is what you get.

So no Source Code, No future Development to my knowledge.

This simple test program will test the dt101 board. It shifts an LED to the right with a 1 second delay. You simply connect a dt203 LED board up as a led monitor.

START:                                        'HOOK UP THE DT203 LED BOARD.
GOSUB CLEAR                          ' SET ALL OUTPUTS LOW ON ENTRY
'FOR B2 = 0 TO 7                       'COUNT UP TO 8
FOR B2 = 7 TO 0 STEP-1          'COUNT DOWN TO 8
GOSUB CLEAR                          'CLEAR ALL LEDS
HIGH B2                                     'LIGHT UP ONE ONLY
PAUSE 1000                               'DELAY 1 SECOND
NEXT B2                                     'SHIFT THE "ON"  LED TO THE RIGHT
GOTO START                             'DO IT ALL AGAIN
CLEAR:                                       'SET TO ALL OUTPUTS AND LOW
LOW 0                                        '
LOW 1                                        '  DT101 BASIC STAMP TEST PROGRAM by Dontronics
LOW 2                                        '           P.O. Box 595 Tullamarine 3043
LOW 3                                        '                    AUSTRALIA
LOW 4                                        '
LOW 5                                        '                   19-Jul-94
LOW 6                                        '
LOW 7                                        '
RETURN                                     '

You can use the same schematic as the one shown at:
This gives you the RX, TX connections for BS4, and yes, you must use a 4mhz crystal.

Here is some info I wrote about 18 months ago. Feedback and correction welcome.

If you are using DT001 with the MAX-232 then you must load the file 'BS4I.HEX'.
The file 'BS4.HEX' is used when only resistor comms is used. (Non-Max-232).

Using a DT001, program the 84 with the Interpreter code with a DT101 Simmstick in slot 1, then throw your switch into the Run mode. By the way, you can have both the Parallel (Interpreter Programmer) cable and Serial (Basic Token Programmer) cable plugged in at the same time. No problems, no conflict, and yes no need, but it can be done.

Exit the programming software (Interpreter Programmer) and run BS4.EXE This will put you into an Ascii text editor and Compiler/Downloader. Load the file 'STAMPTST.BAS'. This is an old one of mine from 1994. It does
a walking LED pattern to port B and requires some LED's and resistors hooked up to see the results. The DT203 board can be used for this.

Compile the file. Press your Reset on the DT001 board, and Download the file.

With a small amount of luck, you should have a BS/4 with the ability to run 64 Basic tokens, and all in an 84!

Ah yes, I think the secret was the reset before a download. We had a problem with this. Sorry I have done about 1.32 million projects since this one.

> BTW. When I run BS4.exe on my 486SX I get a message saying a "Floating Point
> processor is required"? Any suggestions other than boat anchor comments?

Subject:      bs/4 386/486 SX solution
     Date:     Sun, 20 Sep 1998 19:30:02 -0700
    From:     Bob Blick <bblick@SABER.NET>
 Reply-To:  pic microcontroller discussion list <PICLIST@MITVMA.MIT.EDU>

If you use this program, you can use the bs/4 software on a 386SX or 486SX:

It does not work for a dos shelled from Windows 3.1 (not that I expected it
to), but it works fine from real dos.

Thanks again to Dontronics and Sistudio for the BS/4 software.


Subject:              Re: bs1/4 programming
  Resent-Date:     Fri, 2 Oct 1998 22:28:24 +1000 (EST)
 Resent-From:     sisuser
        Date:          Fri, 2 Oct 1998 22:30:10 +1000
        From:         "Dale" <>
          To:           <sisuser@

Just as I sent the message to Don I clicked what was wrong - 10mhz chrystal, swapped it for a 4 mhz and away it goes.
I thought I'd list a few points of help for others.
I'm using win 95 ,Nigel Goodwin's win 3.1 ver. of Wpicprog (it has help files whereas his win95 version doesn't) and using a picF84-10/p now with a 4Mhz xtal.
Max 232 needs to be on the motherboard not the simstick.
All DT001 motherboard jumpers - normal.

I then load BS4i.hex and burn with protect off, WDT off (wont work with it on) and PUT can be on or off. I can select F84 or C84 (works for both)and xt oscillator.

On my 486-100 BS4i burns in 11 secs.I then close Wpicprog and enter BS4 from a window or restart in dos mode (doesn't matter which,I tried both),At this point you should have 2 Green Leds for rx & tx monitors, if not wiring is wrong.
I use a standard modem cable 25-25 through a 25pin to 9pin adaptor.
From  COM- 2  DB25pin-2  to DB9 pin3
                       DB25pin-3  to DB9 pin2
                       DB25pin-7  to DB9 pin5
Only these three are required for this project.
Press Reset on DT001
Open the led basic file, press Alt S then compile,then ALT S then download
RX leds should both do some flickering,Red tx will give a couple of blips then go off Green rx will remain on.
Sometimes I need to repeat download or press reset again to get it going
THe leds on port B will start walking when download is complete
I hope this is of help to other newbies,regards Dale.

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