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1-Nov-2001 Sorry, this page is a little out of date, as the DT206 board is no longer available.

Parallel Printer port 2051 programmer.

This new schematic shown at the bottom of this page is the basis of DT206, a new 2" SimmStick board, which mates with the DT004 Printer Port front end.

It has been found that the AT89C4051 chip can't be programmed with the DT206 programmer for some reason. The second address doesn't verify. This is using both the BASCOM series software and the Peter Averill software.

is a new driver and suggestions from Peter Averill regarding the programming of the AT89C4051 chip.
We aren't saying that all the problems have been solved, but look forward to user feedback on this one.

From: Peter Averill 
To: "''"
Subject: 2051 programmer
Date:   Thu, 7 Aug 1997 07:50:29 +1000

Here is the latest 2051 programmer software. There is no change to the
circuit that I gave you. I have tested the program on a Pentium 100MHz
and it worked fine. This latest program reads the parallel port address
from the bios, so it should work on your notebook. As I said the other
day this cct and program are free to all, so distribute as you feel.

If you run the program for the 1st time on a new disk it won't find it's
configuration file, just go to 'select printer port' and one will be

All feedback please to: mailto:

Date:   Mon, 16 Feb 1998 16:15:12 +1100 (EST)
From: (Peter Averill)
Subject: 2051 programmer pcb layout


Here are the layout and overlay files for the 2051 programmer.  They
are both GIF files.  Both files display very large if you view them
using a browser (eg I use Netscape) however they print to scale using
GWS or a photo editor program printing to a 300 dpi printer.  The DB25
connector mounts onto the side of the board.  That is, one row of pins
on the bottom and the other on the top.  The top row of pins have
nothing to connect to.  The constructor needs to connect 4 wires to
the pins shown on the overlay. The rest of the construction is
straight forward and shouldn't present too many difficulies to most

Regards Peter

Date:   Wed, 1 Apr 1998 20:37:39 +1000 (EST) From: (Peter Averill) Subject: Latest 2051 programmer software Don, Here is the latest version of the software for the 2051 programmer.  It now accepts HEX files directly.  I have answered a number of emails recently and promised this update, so you may like to indicate that this is the latest version.  The files include a monitor program for the 2051 that uses your DT104 & DT203 boards. Regards Peter

Subject: Latest 2051 programmer software
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 16:35:18 +1000 (EST)
From: (Peter Averill)


Here is the latest copy of the 2051 programmer software.  I have promised
this update to a couple of people who have emailed me re: a small problem.

3-8-98 The latest versions of the 2051 programmer software are as follows
All of these programs have a fix in them for a problem that has occured
using the Franklin 'C' compiler.  The Franklin compiler creates HEX files
that contain records out of address order. ie. The first record might be
for address 008Ah and then the next record might be for address 0051h.
The older versions of the above programs can't handle this situation.
The Franklin compiler is the only software that I have found that does
this but there seems to be a fair number of people using it.
Htobv2.exe can now handle records in any order up to the maximum file
size of 64K. The other two programs obviously have a 2K limit for the 2051,
but once again can now handle records in any order.
At this stage I have not included support for the new 89C4051, as I have
not obtained one yet for testing.


Download Programmer Software.

Please Note **** The original PCB artwork that Peter supplied doesn't match the schematic below, as he has simplified the power supply logic section, however the changes are mainly to do with getting rid of the pots and finicky adjustments that were required and outlined in the software download files.
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