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Darren Jensen is now the new Ring Master of the  Australian Electronics Web Ring.
His home page can be found at:

The info below is now obsolete!!!!!!!

Welcome to the  Australian Electronics Web Ring Home Page.

The Internet has many Australian Electronics sites and some good collections of links to these sites. The Australian Electronics Web Ring is an effort to link all these pages in a "chain" so that the surfer can jump from site to site following a thematic link.

There are no particular requirements to join the Australian Electronics Web Ring. If you have a site, a page or even a single project that you wish to promote,  you can join the ring. Large Companies and individuals are welcome. If you have an Australian or New Zealand Electronics  related home page, you can join. If you are an Australian living overseas with an  Electronics related home page, we would like to hear from you too.

If you don't have an Australian or New Zealand affiliation, or association of some kind, sorry, you aren't eligible to join the  Australian Electronics Web Ring. There are many other rings available that should suit your needs.
The Electronics Engineering Web Ring may be a suitable alternative.

Due to the time we spend trying to find out from a new web site submission what the Australian association is, we have decided to add this additional information to the web ring home page. Can you please direct us to the information that tells us what your Australian or New Zealand affiliation is? Also it must be an Electronics emphasis. IE: products/bits/parts of an electronic type and not just computer reviews.

We don't want consumer electronics, and computer related products, just plain good old fashion hardware electronics sites. If you are repairing Consumer Electronic equipment, or selling Computer related products, we don't consider this as being an Electronics site.

If you have never read Silicon Chip, or Electronics Australia, chances are we will reject your application.

Please, if you don't fall into the above category, don't attempt to join this ring! We could write this in bigger bolder red text, but we shouldn't have to. The rules are simple!!!!!!!!!

After you have filled in the form, you will get the HTML code fragment to insert in your page the ring links. Remember that you have to download and put on your site the ring banner image. You can fetch then save the file aering.jpg  from here, or simply right click on it (above) to download and save the image. After you joined the ring you can always change your registration information. If you have problems with the Australian Electronics Web Ring you can contact the Ringmaster.

Visit a random site in the ring or look at the complete list.

After joining the Ring, you must add the short HTML code to your home page before your links can be activated. Until then, you remain in the queue.

The HTML code fragment contains information for correct operation of the webring and to ensure that every webring member is treated equally, fairly and that the integrity of their web site is not compromised in look and appearance. Modification of this code to alter its functionality is not acceptable.

What are the most asked questions about joining the Ring?
Q: What's in it for you?
A: More hits, more traffic, greater awareness of your site etc.
Q: What's in it for me?
A: More hits, more traffic, greater awareness of my site etc. And I get to know about your site and other related sites.
Q: What does it cost?
A: NOTHING all you have to do is follow the instructions and add the HTML code to your site. I spend the time and effort to maintain the web ring, the web ring host people spend their time.
Q: What happens if I don't like the way the ring operates and/or who is in it?
A: Talk to me about it, I'm pretty reasonable. If that doesn't work, gang up on me or start your own ring. The whole idea of the web ring is that everyone potentially gets the benefit of a hit on someone else's site, they then follow the thread around the web ring looking at sites with a similar or common theme.
Q: Where do I find the HTML code that must be added?
A: Read the paragraph below:

If you have a look at the bottom of your change your registration information entry, you will find the ring is configured to automatically generate the HTML fragment that is supposed to appear on your web page. The HTML fragment (customized for your site) appears at the bottom of the change your registration information page.

The following conditions apply:

Special Note *****  We think it is very simple to join the ring and we welcome genuine members, however only a small percentage of the queue members even bother to email and say they have added the html code, many haven't sorted out the bit with copying the logo to their computer, a big percentage are not even eligible to join,  and many don't even bother with adding the html code. If you are in this group, please do us all a service, and don't join, as we are not chasing you up all the time, and will simply delete you from the ring.

Your link will look like this:

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