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 Order right here from a selection of Electronics and Microcontoller books. Doesn't matter where on the globe you are. Several shipping methods available. You can purchase one book or ten. Many authors of these books are mentioned on the Dontronics links pages, and will be known to those that frequent the Piclist and other mailing lists. Amazon is now the largest selling retailer of books on the internet, and we are proud to be associated with them. 
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EASY PIC'n, a Beginner's Guide to Using PIC16/17 Microcontrollers, PIC'n Up The Pace, PIC16/17 Microcontroller Applications Guide, and PIC'n Techniques from Square 1 Electronics by David Benson, as well as being available from Amazon, these are also available from Dontronics direct. We have a special arrangement with our very good friends at Square One and have current stocks and are able to supply in Mainland US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand normally within 2 to 4 days. Most other countries can be covered in 8 to 14 days. Please follow the two links to read more about these two books and place your order. 

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Programming and Customizing the 8051 Microcontroller - 1999 with CD-ROM by Myke Predko

Many people consider the 8051 to be the world's most popular embedded microcontroller architecture. The device can be found in a wide variety of products from toys to jet fighters.

"Programming and Customizing the 8051" is an excellent introduction to this popular chip. Starting with an introduction to embedded microocontrollers (and the 8051 in particular), I guide you through basic 8051 programming and hardware interfacing. More than thirty experiments will shown you how code and hardware is created with the 8051. A dozen example applications show advanced programming and interfacing concepts including Real Time Operating Systems and serial device connections.

Included with the book is a CD-ROM containing chip datasheets, application source code, "Gerber" files to enable you to create your own raw cards of the provided applications and development tools to assemble, simulate and burn your applications.
Order the Softcover
Order the Hardcover

The Tab Electronics "Handbook of Microcontrollers" with CD-ROM by Myke Predko

My goal with this book was to create a complete reference package for today's eight bit embedded microcontrollers. As well as providing technical and processor programming information on the:

Announced Jul-98. 850 pages.
This is a massive piece of work from our friend Myke Predko.
Myke also designed the OEM-SLI LCD interface.
DonTronics and Simmstick get a few mentions. There is a project using an AVR micro and Simmstick which reads a Pot position and generates Video output, and Appendix E at the rear of the book, covers Simmstick.

AVR Enhanced Risc Microcontrollers by Dr. Claus Kuhnel.


Programming and Customizing the Pic Microcontroller by Myke Predko.
Hardcover or Paperback Myke is another Piclist regular. We sell his Serial LCD. Dontronics have been involved with a lot of the beta testing of Myke's products and consider him a good personal friend. Worth it just for the disk of software that comes with it.

Basic Stamp by Claus Kuhnel and Klaus Zahnert. Paperback Claus is linked to Dontronics 'Links' page. Plenty of Dontronics Simmsticks on his Web pages. Claus and Klaus sent us a copy of this book for evaluation. "What Parallax didn't cover on the Basic Stamp One" may be a better title.

Programming and Customizing the Basic Stamp Computer by Scott Edwards.
Hardcover or Paperback
Scott chose to do the Public release of his PIC source Book/Disk on the Dontronics Home page.
Scott shouldn't need an introduction to Stamp or PIC users.
His Applications and Projects in US magazines are frequent and very well written.

Programming the Parallel Port : Interfacing the PC for Data Acquisition and Process Control by Dhananjay V. Gadre
martinc@cs.athabascau.ca from Athabasca, Canada , 04/21/98, rating=10: What your PC must do to sieze the world by the bits. This very up-to-date handbook reveals little-known secrets of PC hardware and the software needed to control the outside world with a PC. Suitable background in electronics is given for the book to be used as a textbook, yet the approach is that of a helpful cookbook. Going beyond the PC, the important topic of microcontrollers is addressed. Best of all, important problems in data measurement using PCs can be addressed with very inexpensive hardware easily built (a complete novice might need a Radio Shack style guide to how to do soldering). Software is included in source code form on disk, an added bonus. Reading this book won't get you an EE degree but it might be the next best thing. 
Internet Guide to the Electronics Industry by John Adams
John won equal first prize in the Dontronics Logo contest.
You can see his entry on the bottom of our home page.
It's the one with the map of Australia.

Visual Basic Programmer's Guide To Serial Communications by Richard Grier
Jan Axelson (jaxelson@lvr.com) , 06/12/97, rating=9: A valuable guide from an accomplished programmer. Richard Grier clearly has a wealth of experience in programming serial communications, and in this book he shares his knowledge with readers. Sections I found especially useful were the debugging tips, a discussion of real-time Windows programming, and descriptions of bugs and anomolies for every version of MsComm. There are dozens of quick tips in Q & A format, and many insider tips and insights. It's an excellent resource. 
C Programmer's Guide to Serial Communications by Joe Campbell
Sams Pub. : Comprehensive coverage of serial communications for all intermediate and advanced C programmers. This new edition provides a new perspective on incorporating serial communications with C. "Includes new information about Windows and DOS serial communications. Discusses the basics of serial communications, ASCII, and RS-232 technology. Filled with inside information to bring developers up-to-date on the latest developments in serial communications. Covers All Major C Compilers.

Programming, Interfacing & Using the PC'S Parallel Printer Port by Jan Axelson
chipm@netusa1.net from Kokomo, IN , 03/15/98, rating=10: Very thorough and informative.....good job as usual for Jan. I have read Jan's columns for years in various electronics magazines and papers. She does not disappoint in this book. She presents the subject of PC interfacing very thoroughly and with much detail. Her use of Visual Basic was important so that the book would appeal and be usable to the most widest audience possible. Not everyone is a C programmer so I think the book would be useful to all. The book cleared up many concepts for me. Very well written. 
The Microcontroller Idea Book : Circuits, Programs & Applications Featuring the 8052-Basic Single-Chip Computer by Jan Axelson
PC Magazine, 5/28/96 : The real gold in the book is the collection of input/output circuits that show you how to connect to the outside world and have it all work properly. The writing is a model of clarity and conciseness. Once you know how these things work, you can use them cookbook-style.

The Parallel Port Manual - Vol 1, Use of a PC Parallel Port for Data Acquisition and Control by Peter H. Anderson
The author, Peter H. Anderson, pha@access.digex.net , 04/01/97: Use of a PC Parallel Port for Control and Data Acquisition This 124 page manual is primarily intended for use by electrical engineering students who have completed introductory courses in circuit theory, digital and C programming. Although it was originally written for my students at Morgan State University, there has been a strong demand from industry, students at other schools and from hobbyists. 
The Parallel Port Manual Vol. 2: Use of a PC Printer Port for Control and Data Acquisition by Peter H. Anderson
The author, Peter H. Anderson, http://www.access.digex.net/~pha , 01/26/97: This is a sequel to "The Parallel Port Manual - Vol 1" and this new Volume assumes the reader is familiar with the content of Volume 1. Both of these books were written to encourage experimentation and tinkering using a PC's parallel port. 
Design With Pic Microcontrollers by John B. Peatman
A reader from Santa Barbara, CA , 01/10/98, rating=9: Concise, readable design guide suitable for beginners. Unlike many of the current micro-controller texts currently available which extoll the history of the technology and earlier (re. out of date information), this text is refreshingly to the point. It focuses on current PIC controllers (could use an addendum for newest additions) and current interface components such as rotary encoders and LCD displays suitable for low cost design. 
Hardware Related Books on IBM Computers.
Jan-1999 TOP 25 Requested Titles. 
Hardware Related Books on IBM Computers.

December-98 TOP 25 Requested Titles. 
Hardware Related Books on IBM Computers.

November-98 TOP 25 Requested Titles. 
Hardware Related Books on IBM Computers.

October-98 TOP 50 Requested Titles. 
Hardware Related Books on IBM Computers.

September-98 TOP 50 Requested Titles. 
Hardware Related Books on IBM Computers.

August-98 TOP 50 Requested Titles. 
Hardware Related Books on IBM Computers.

July-98 TOP 50 Requested Titles. 
Hardware Related Books on IBM Computers.

June-98 TOP 50 Requested Titles. 
Hardware Related Books on IBM Computers.

May-98: TOP 50 Requested Titles. 
Here is a collection of Microcontroller Books published during the years from 1995 up to the current date,
however we have left some earlier books on this list because of special interest and the lack of coverage on these subjects in recent years. 
And a collection of PC, MacIntosh, and other Computer Specific Books published during the years from 1995 up to the current date, again some older books are still listed for interest.
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