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CyberCircuit Plus.

Damian Bonicatto, that author of CyberCircuit Plus, has made this program shareware, so you can now download this package for free.
See details below:

This program has been on the market for about 9 years now, and has never had an update. It sold initially for $99USD, and over the years, the price has dropped. It is now down to $19USD. As it still has a vast amount of very useful circuits, the author wishes us to continue to sell it.

It was written in the days of the first windows V3.1 systems, so don't expect anything knock out, however it appears that it still works on current systems, so please download the demo version and make sure that it will suit you before you purchase.

Will CyberCircuit Plus run under Windows 2000 professional version?

From:    william beasley <wbeasley@
Greetings!  No problem, or perhaps as the American stereotype says of  you guys, "No worries!".  I used netzip to unzip the files and they installed just fine, and i have been searching through them for an appropriate trigger circuit.  For what ever reason, just clicking on the  .exe files did not invoke the unzip application, but by loading it first, than pulling up the files, it worked o.k.
Anyway, you can certify that the program will run on Windows 2000 professional version. Thanks! WB

CyberCircuit Plus is a windows program that allow you to quickly find the exact electrical circuit (or other information) you need. This easy to use program contain hundreds of circuits in categories from amplifiers, to filters, to oscillators, and many other categories. This program is perfect for the engineer, technician, student, or hobbyist. Check below for more information.


     Industry.Net Report

"...instantly increases the power of their personal computers."

     Microwave & RF magazine

CyberCircuit Plus is a windows program that allow you to quickly find the exact circuit (or other information) you need. This easy to use program contain hundreds of circuits in categories from amplifiers, to filters, to oscillators, and many other categories. You'll find radio transmitters, video amplifiers, alarms, antennas, switching power supplies, multipliers, temperature sensors, pH sensors, etc., etc., etc.

Extensive Reference

You'll never have to hunt through reference books or application manuals again - it's all here. These circuits were gathered from some of the electronics industries finest data books, application notes, and publications. There is also proprietary information and circuits from PTM. CyberCircuit Plus contains over 1100 circuits, formulas, charts, etc.

Easy Searching

Searching couldn't be easier. Let's look at an example. Suppose you need a circuit for a picoammeter. Enter "picoammeter" (or "pico", or "ammeter" and then click on "Search". In a few seconds you'll have the circuit you need - complete with part numbers and values, and a circuit description to help you understand it's operation.

Powerful Searching

Searches are also very powerful. This time you need a circuit for a zener shunt regulator but have forgotten the correct spelling of zener. Just click on "Sounds Like", enter your best guess of the spelling (try "zaner"), and start the search. You'll quickly get a circuit for the zener regulator you need. The circuit is displayed, design formulas given, and a circuit description shown. This information can be printed (on any Windows installed printer) with a couple of mouse clicks. Searches can be done on titles, acknowledgements, or complete text. This means you can look for circuits, and information, by part numbers, function, source of information, or any other way you can dream up. There's no faster or more powerful way to find circuits or other electronic information you need.

Much More than Circuits

Along with circuits there is also tons of formulas, charts, graphs, tables, and IC dimensional data included in CyberCircuit and CyberCircuit Plus. Forgot the air-core inductor formula? Find it with a simple, fast search. Just type in "inductor" click on "Formula", and start the search. In less than a second you'll have the formula you need. It's as easy as that. There are formulas for impedances, thermal resistance, RLC circuits, decibels, etc, etc., etc.

CyberCircuit has been seen in: EE Times, Circuit Cellar, Industry.Net Report, RF Design, Electronic Design, Printed Circuit Design, EDN, Microwave & RF, Design News, and more!

Hardware Requirements

CyberCircuit Plus can be downloaded from the Dontronics site.
It runs on 386SX or better machines with 4 meg ram minimum.
It runs on Windows 3.1, 3.11, Windows 9x, or OS/2 and takes about 6.5 meg of space on your hard disk

Highlight of Features

 > Contains Both Analog and Digital Circuits
 > Contains over 1100 items
 > Contains Formulas, Tables, Dimensions, Pinouts
 > Fast, Powerful, Easy Search Engine
 > Parts Values for Circuits
 > Descriptions for Circuits
 > References for All Information
 > Extensive Context-Sensitive Help System
 > Redrawn Graphics - Not Scanned
 > Up to the Minute Circuits and Chips
 > Does Not require a CD Drive

Now you can try a demo version of CyberCircuit Plus. This demo is not time restricted and contains all the features of CyberCircuit Plus. The only difference is that this demo contains 100 items in it's files while CyberCircuit Plus contains over 1100.

CyberCircuit Demo is about 600k in size when downloaded and when expanded it takes about 1.2 meg on your hard drive. At 14400 baud, the download will take about 7 minutes. After downloading, you will have to expand the file with an "unzip" program. One program of this type is "PKUNZIP" which can be downloaded from many places on the web (the creators of "PKUNZIP", PKWARE, can be found at

Also, in the expanded files you will find two files, named "cclist.txt" and "ccplist.txt", that list all circuits in CyberCircuit and CyberCircuit Plus. If you don't find the circuit you need, try these lists to see if it's in the full versions.
Please note. the original Cybercircuit (600 circuits) is now discontinued.

After downloading and expanding the file, read "readme.txt" for more information.

To download the CyberCircuit Demo, do the following:
1.  Download file ("") by clicking on "Download Now"
2.  On your computer, create a directory called "ccdemo"
3.  Move to the "ccdemo" directory
4.  Put "pkunzip.exe" in the "ccdemo" directory
5.  Expand the file by entering "unzip" (dos)
6.  Click on "readme.txt" for more info

Click Here to Download the Demo.

View CyberCircuit Plus List:

CyberCircuit Plus (over 1100 items).......

7-Aug-99 From Dave in the UK.
I was obviously under a misapprehension. I have been looking for a cad design package which will enable me to draw up
circuits and print them out, which could include simulation etc. I obviously misread what your product was about Don, I honestly thought that it was a design package for drafting and not a reference file of circuitry which in the main I would have taken directly from data sheets if required.
I decided to add this message to the page so that potential Customers wouldn't be at all confused about this product. It is in fact "A reference file of circuitry, not a CAD design package or anything else". I have refunded Dave's money, but now that this point is clear, there shouldn't be a need for additional explanations or refunds.

For people looking for a *schematic* CAD package, you might want to refer them to "SuperSpice",  ... naturally, I have no link to them, other than I liked the demo I got enough to be buying the full $50 (US) package. John Beck 31-Oct-2000

Damian Bonicatto, that author of CyberCircuit Plus, has made it shareware, so you can now download this package for free.

There is no support whatsoever, so please don't ask for any.

Download Details here:

CyberCircuit Plus
This is the Internet download instructions for CyberCircuit Plus.
You should print it out and save it for future reference.

Click on:
for the current Version of CyberCircuit Plus.

Username: cyberplus
Password: 2000

There are 4 disks to this collection:
Disk 1 1,329,265 Bytes
Disk 2 1,472,169 bytes
Disk 3 1,470,231 bytes
Disk 4 1,280,715 bytes

When you have the files, they can be installed under windows as

1. Click on hyperlink (file name) CCPLUS1a.exe to download file, and
   select "Save to disk" option. Follow download instructions.
2. Repeat step 1 with files CCPLUS2a, ...3a and ...4a.
3. Get ready 4 formatted 1.44M diskettes. Mark them with program name,
   and numbers (Disk 1, 2, 3 and 4).
4. Double-click on saved CCPLUS1a.EXE file to unpack it. First, save
   the output files on a diskette, then delete them from your hard
   disk directory (you may do both in one operation, by MOVING the
   output files to a diskette).
5. Repeat step 4 with remaining three CCPLUS... files.
6. Before installation, CLOSE, if possible, all programs, and DISABLE
   your Anti-Virus software until the installation is finished.
7. Insert Disk 1 in your floppy drive again, and RUN file SETUP.EXE.
   Follow instructions, until the program installation is complete.

If you do a search on a "space", you should find 1108 files.


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