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Don't know what a News Group is? Try These:

PICLIST: see http://www.piclist.com for full details
To subscribe to the PIC mailing list, send a message to listserv@mitvma.mit.edu with the line "subscribe piclist" in the body.
Also: http://forum.microchip.com/

Dontronics Groups:

Dontronics Newsletter  Now over 600 members

SimmStick You can now Subscibe to the SimmStick Group.
Any message sent by a non-subscribed member will be ignored.

Micro-VGA Group: http://www.dontronics.com/micro-vga_group.html

We now have a discussion forum dedicated to CodeVisionAVR
You may join by sending an e-mail to codevisionavr-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Join the BASCOM listserver : http://www.mcselec.com/bascom.htm
or look in the archive : http://www.grote.net/bascom/maillist.html

http://www.avrfreaks.net/phorum/ is an  AVR chat group.

avr-chat@dvanhorn.org also exists.

WIZ-C Owners and potential customers: There is now a FEDPIC group, please visit:
To send messages to members of this group, send email to:
To unsubscribe by sending an email to:

There is now a support group for microEngineering Labs Picbasic and PicBasic Pro.
Send a message to majordomo@qunos.net
In the message body enter:
subscribe picbasic-l
This will then reply with a message to check your email exists and asking you to reply.
Once this is done you can send a message to picbasic-l@qunos.net

Parallax Stamp List:

There is a CCS PIC C Compiler group at:

I get a lot of questions on how to do this and how to do that. I may or may not know, in fact lately the scope of the use of PIC and Atmel chips is increasing dramatically.

I'm sorry, but I'm not really in a position to give advise on your projects. Time doesn't allow me this luxury these days.

It will be in your interests to join one of the above chat groups and present your question there.
You will find them most helpful and in some cases may even design your software/hardware for you. :-)
Your answer may even be in the archives of the groups.

Also try the newsgroups. These can be very helpful. Have a look at my 'Links'. Click on links on any page.
Check out David Tait's links. These link to just about every application known to PICmicros.

Also read:
this contains most of the frequently asked questions,
and answers questions you may want to ask.

Cheers Don...
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