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CyberCircuit Plus List.

See  cc.html for schematics.

The following is a list of the circuits, formulas, charts, and other information included in CyberCircuit Plus.

Category... Amplifier
    Inverting Amplifier
    Non-Inverting Amplifier
    Difference Amplifier
    Unity gain buffer
    Common emitter amplifier
    Common base amplifier
    Summing amplifier
    Common collector amplifier
    Photoconductive cell amplifier
    Photodiode amplifier
    Photovoltaic cell amplifier
    AC amplifier - 74C04
    FET cascode video amplifier
    Ultra-high Zin ac unity gain amplifier
    Simple pressure sensor amplifier
    Magnetic transducer amplifier
    Non-inverting amplifier from a voltage comparator
    Ultra-high gain audio amplifier - JFET
    Voltage controlled variable gain amplifier
    Level shifting-isolation amplifier
    High impedance low capacitance wideband buffer
    High impedance low capacitance wideband amplifier
    Adjustable bandwidth amplifier - CLC400
    200 MHz cascode amplifier
    10 watt non-inverting composite amp
    10 watt inverting composite amp
    VHF amplifier - MAR-6
    Self biasing JFET source follower
    Offset biased JFET source follower
    500 megohm input impedance JFET amplifier
    Self biasing JFET common source amplifier
    Headphone amplifier - JFET
    Add-on preamp - JFET
    JFET common source amplifier
    JFET common source hybrid amplifier
    Simple emitter-follower
    High-stability emitter-follower
    Bootstrapped emitter-follower
    Bootstrapped Darlington emitter-follower
    Bootstrapped complementary-feedback pair
    Complementary emitter-follower with split supply
    Complementary emitter-follower with single supply
    Simple common emitter AC amplifier - NPN
    Common emitter amplifier with feedback biasing
    Common emitter amplifier with AC feedback biasing
    Common emitter amplifier with voltage divider bias
    Common emitter amplifier with gain of 10
    Common emitter amplifier with AC shunted FB bias
    Wideband, two-stage common emitter amplifier
    High-gain, two-stage amplifier - NPN
    High-gain, two-stage amplifier - NPN/PNP
    Bootstrapped, high-gain, two-stage amplifier
    Common base AC amplifier - 2N3904
    Differential amplifier or long-tailed pair
    Low impedance microphone balanced amplifier
    Precision instrumentation amp - LTC1043
    DC servo amplifier - ELH0021
    Reducing frequency-response peaking
    FET-input to op-amp for high input impedance
    Adjustable op amp gain using a FET
    Adjustable op amp gain using a photoresistor
    Simple video buffer
    Constant volume amplifier - 741
    Piezoelectric transducer amplifier - OP-41
    Saturated standard cell amplifier - LT1012
    Two op amp intstrumentation amplifier - LT1002
    1000 gain amp with 0.01% accuracy - LT1037
    Tape head amplifier - LT1037
    Instrumentation amp with +/-100v common mode range
    Instrumentation amp with low offset - LTC1050
    Miniature 2 watt audio amplifier - MC13060
    Audio amp with gain=20 - LM386
    Audio amp with gain=200 - LM386
    Squaring amplifier with hysteresis - LM3900
    Non-inverting summing amplifier
    Non-inverting AC amplifier
    Offset voltage adjustment for inverting amplifier
    Offset voltage adjustment for non-inverting amp
    Offset voltage adjustment for voltage followers
    Offset voltage adjustment for differential amps
    Offset voltage adjustment for inv amp, Rs GT.10k
    Video distribution amplifier - EL2099
    D/A converter buffer amplifier - CLC401
    Tunnel diode detector amplifier - CLC401
    Video monitor vertical deflection amp - ULN3751
    Video amplifier - AD380
    High voltage inverting amplifier - LM3900
    High voltage non-inverting amplifier - LM3900
    Low Noise Amplifier - OP-471E
    Capacitive load driving - OP-471
    Low phase error amplifier - OP-471
    Super low noise microphone preamplifier
    Micropower headphone amplifier - OP296
    Pulse monitor amplifier - OP-493
    Single supply RGB amplifier - AD8041
    90v, -3v common mode range difference amplifier
    Hydrophone amplifier with DC servo - LT1113
    Instrumentation amp with shield driver - LT1125
    +85v to -100v common mode range instrument amp
    High input impedance difference amp - LT1078
    Balanced transformerless microphone preamp
    Wideband instrumentation amp - LT1225
    Differential voltage amp of a resistance bridge
    High gain amplifier with +/-1.5v supplies - LT1152
    Inverting amplifier with high input resistance
    Monochromatic matrix amplifier - OPA660
    Wide range AGC amplifier
    Low-drift wideband log amp - VCA610
    Low-drift wideband exponential amp - VCA610
    High input impedance AC voltage follower - LM741
    Op amp uni-directional boosted output
    Op amp bi-directional boosted output
    Amplifier with a DC gain control - LM3900
    Fast composite amp with low distortion
    Sensitive photodiode amplifier - OPA111
    RIAA equalized phono preamp - OPA111
    Auto-zero amplifier - OPA404
    Switch selected programmable gain instr. amp
    Binary gain step, programmable gain instr. amp
    Single +3v supply instrumentation amp - OP291
    Magnetic deflection amplifier - PA09
    60w (rms) standard audio amplifier - PA10
    300w high performance amplifier - PA04
    Audio distribution amplifier - TL034
    Microphone preamplifier - TLC27M2
    Photo-diode amplifier with ambient light rejection
    Instrumentation amplifier with linear gain adjust
    Instrumentation amp with adjustable gain/null
    Amplifier with digital gain select - TLC271
    Transimpedance amplifier - TL031A
    Variable gain RF amplifier - NE5212A
    Piecewise-linear amplifier (decreasing gain)
    Piecewise-linear amplifier (increasing gain)
    Bulletproof 1 kilowatt audio amplifier - PA30
    AC coupled, single supply, non-inverting amp
    AC coupled, single supply, inverting amp
    Voltage follower with 1G ohm input resistance
    Ultra-low noise RIAA preamplifier - LM318
    Impedance transformer amplifier
    Amplifier with active output clipping - OP77
    Heads-up display deflection amplifier
    ECG amplifier with right leg drive
Category... Automotive
    Courtesy light timer/control
    Low coolant level detector - ULN2429A
    Automobile battery monitor
    Voltage regulator - car/motorcycle
    Typical automotive supply transient summary
    Rear-window defogger control
    Turn-signal monitor
    Turn-signal monitor with delay
    Instrument panel lamp dimmer control
    Lead-acid battery percent charge vs. voltage graph
Category... Comparators
    ORing comparator outputs
    Non-inverting comparator with hysteresis
    Inverting comparator with hysteresis
    Level detector and lamp driver - LM106
    Basic comparator - LM139
    Comparator driving CMOS - LM139
    Comparator driving TTL - LM139
    Comparator AND gate - LM139
    Comparator OR gate - LM139
    Comparator with output strobing
    Comparing input voltages of opposite polarities
    Hi-low limit comparator - LM139
    50MHz trigger
    High-sensitivity voltage comparator - OP-50
    Microvolt comparator with hysteresis - LT1007
    Fast, 12-bit current comparator
    2-wire comparator - LT1018
    Variable temperature thermostat
    Frequency comparator - 74HCT74
    Single comparator window detector
Category... Converters
    Howland current pump - OP-50
    Current to voltage converter - LM107
    Video sync separator
    0 to 360 degree phase shifter
    Pulse width modulator - LM555
    Frequency divider - LM555
    Pulse position modulator - LM555
    Sine to square wave converter - LM555
    Phase splitter with unity gain - 2N3904
    Phase splitter - dual 2N3904
    Temperature-to-frequency converter
    300 to 75 ohm impedance converter
    Two input analog multiplier - LH0094
    Precision two input analog multiplier - LH0094
    Two input analog divider - LH0094
    Precision two input analog divider - LH0094
    Three input analog squarer - LH0094
    Precision three input analog squarer - LH0094
    Three input analog square root circuit - LH0094
    Precision three input analog square root - LH0094
    Low level analog square root - LH0094
    Precision exponentiator (exponent LT 1) - LH0094
    Precision exponentiator (exponent GT1) - LH0094
    Clock frequency doubler
    Video to composite sync separator
    RMS to DC converter - AD637
    Precision absolute value circuit - AD708
    Precision current pump - OP-200
    TV video modulator - MC1373
    Low frequency divider - 2N6027
    Capacitance to pulse width converter
    Tachometer - LM3900
    Frequency differencing tachometer - LM3900
    Frequency summing (averaging) tachometer - LM3900
    Frequency doubling tachometer - LM3900
    Composite video sync. separator - HA-2544
    Balanced to single ended converter
    High speed precision rectifier
    RS232 receiver - LTC1045
    Low frequency mixer - LM3900
    VCA with amplitude modulation - SSM-2024
    Linear amplitude modulator - AD633JN
    Simple RS-232 receiver
    Simple impedance matching circuit
    Temperature to frequency converter - TMP01, AD654
    Op amp half-wave rectifier - LT1078
    Op amp full-wave rectifier - LT1078
    4mA to 20mA loop receiver - LT1101
    RS-232 receiver - LTC489
    RF mV range signal rectifier - OPA660
    Pulse width modulator - LM139
    Polarity switching circuit
    Difference of squares - AD532
    Picoampere current-to-voltage converter - AD515A
    Isolated RS-232 receiver - MCT2
    Low current, current-to-voltage converter - OPA128
    Absolute value current-to-voltage converter
    Differential voltage-to-current converter - OPA445
    +5v only, 12 bit, rail-to-rail DAC - OP291
    Single supply half-wave and full-wave rectifiers
    Light to frequency converter - TSL230
    Negative impedance converter
    Light-to-frequency converter with square wave out
    Single-to-differential converter - CLC427
    Voltage-to-pulse duration converter - NE555
    Bell System 202 data encoder
    Cyclic A-to-D converter - NE531
    Voltage-to-frequency converter - pos input - VFC32
    Voltage-to-frequency converter - neg input - VFC32
    Frequency-to-voltage converter - VFC32
Category... Detectors
    Fast response peak detector
    Zero crossing detector - LM139
    Adjustable threshhold line receiver
    Zero crossing detector - dual supplies - LM139
    Dark activated relay - LM555
    Minimum backlash dark activated relay - LM555
    Light activated relay - LM555
    Under-temperature activated relay - LM555
    Over-temperature activated relay - LM555
    15kHz signal detector
    Touch (or water) operated relay driver
    Piezo transducer force detector
    Air flow detector - LM335
    Rain detector
    Blown fuse indicator - DC
    Blown fuse indicator - AC
    Line-hum touch switch
    Latching touch switch - 4066B
    Infrared transmitter/receiver pair
    Frequency shift keyed (FSK) demodulator
    Voice activated switch - MC2830
    Air flow detector - LT1012
    1MHz fiber optic PIN photodiode receiver
    5kHz fiber optic phototransistor receiver
    Positive peak detector - LT1011
    Negative peak detector - LT1011
    Programmable frequency switch
    Ferrous metal detector - Hall-effect
    Ferrous metal notch detector - Hall-effect
    Lead acid low-battery detector - LT1078
    Fast zero crossing detector - LT1116
    Pin diode receiver - OPA660
    Closed loop peak detector - LT1190
    Open loop peak detector - LT1190
    Fast pulse detector - LT1190
    Heartbeat signal to logic level circuit
    Ultraviolet flame detector
    Breath-alcohol tester
    DC/AC voltage indicator
    Versatile slew rate detector - LF356
    Pyroelectric infrared detector - OPA111
    Zero bias Schottky diode square-law RF detector
    High sensitivity fiber optic receiver - OPA111
    Low-droop peak detector - OPA111
    Low-level light detector preamplifier
    50Mb/s fiber optic receiver - NE5214, NE5211
    Short-range optical switch with hysteresis
    Pulsed optical beam interrupter receiver
    Pulsed optical beam interrupter transmitter
    Optical proximity detector - TSL260
    Precision threshold detector/amplifier - OP77
    Photodiode log converter/transmitter - LM10
    3.5MHz fiber optic receiver - LH0032
    Bell System 202 data decoder
    Laser beam detection circuit - NE5534
    Wide dynamic range light detector - OP-41
    Earth's magnetic field detector
Category... Drivers
    LED driver - common emitter
    LED driver - emitter follower NPN
    LED driver - emitter follower PNP
    Low voltage controlled triac switch
    Triac ac static contactor
    3 position triac switch
    AC controlled triac switch
    Slave and master SCRs for zero-point switching
    Triac zero-point switch
    Sensitive-gate switch
    Zero-point SCR switch
    Relay driver - LM106
    Motor speed control
    Dual video driver - MAX457
    Darlington emitter follower relay driver
    DC motor direction control
    Simple relay driver - NPN
    Ultra-sensitive relay driver
    1.5v powered laser diode driver - LT1110
    Motor speed controller - LT1005
    LED flasher - HT-2014M
    Overload protected motor speed control
    Op amp booster - EL2008
    Coax cable driver - EL2005
    CRT deflection yoke driver - ELH0021
    Instrumentation Shield / line driver - ELH0033
    1 amp lamp flasher - LM395
    Low level power switch - LM395
    Simple temperature controller - LM335
    Soldering iron controller
    Current mirror
    Cascode current mirror - MAT-04AY
    Monochrome TV pattern generator
    Two terminal 4 to 20 ma transmitter - OP-22
    Motor speed control with EMF feedback
    100 MHz, 300 mA buffer - EL2003
    Video coax 50 ohm line driver - HA-5033
    Simple 1.5v LED flasher - LM3909
    High-speed differential line driver - OP-471
    Temperature independent current sink
    Cascode current source - PNP
    Video line driver - AD8002
    Wideband (200MHz) differential driver- AD8002
    Single ended to differential line driver
    440Mbits/sec driver amplifier - OPA2662
    Efficient dc lamp dimmer - 74C14
    Temperature compensated LCD contrast circuit
    Stepper-motor pulse generator - CD4046
    Line voltage temperature controller - TMP01
    Precision current mirror - OPA1013
    Driver amp for a 140Mbits/s transmission system
    Pseudo-ground driver - BUF634
    Current-output valve driver - BUF634, OPA177
    High performance headphone driver - BUF634
    Bridge-connected motor driver - BUF634
    Motor driver - OPA544
    "H" bridge - OP295
    Full-duplex transmission circuit - AD828
    Fast power driver - PA19
    Automatic display dimming - TSL220
    Single supply cable driver - CLC423
    Twelve channel video distribution amp/driver
    Single supply ac buffer - BUF-03
    Motor speed control - LT1054
    Resitive bridge two wire transmitter - LM10
    Motor/tach servo system - LM12, LM107
    Piezo flexture precision positioning system
    Wide bandwidth laser diode driver - WB05
Category... Filters
    Simple low pass filter - LM107
    Rumble filter
    Scratch filter
    Micropower 400kHz active filter - CLC505
    Low pass passive RC filter
    High pass passive RC filter
    1MHz low pass filter - EL2003
    1MHz high pass filter - EL2003
    4.4MHz high Q notch filter - EL2003
    Bandpass passive RC filter
    Balanced Wien-tone bandpass passive RC filter
    Wien bridge passive notch RC filter
    Balanced twin-T notch filter
    Negatively unbalanced twin-T notch filter
    10kHz Butterworth, low pass filter
    Second order 10kHz, low pass filter
    Second order 100Hz, high pass filter
    Unity gain second order 100Hz, high pass filter
    23.5 to 700 Hz variable high-pass filter
    2.2kHz to 24kHz variable high-pass filter
    Passive bass tone control network
    Passive treble tone control network
    Passive bass and treble tone control network
    T-section power line input filter
    60Hz high Q notch filter - OP-41
    Active filter characteristics
    DC accurate, 3rd order, 100Hz, Butterworth filter
    Voltage controlled low pass filter - AD633
    Voltage controlled high pass filter - AD633
    Glitch/spike filter for analog circuitry
    FM wavetrap filter
    1600kHz high-pass filter
    DC accurate antialiasing Bessel filter
    Voltage-controlled low-pass filter - VCA610
    Voltage-controlled high-pass filter - VCA610
    Voltage-controlled band-pass filter - VCA610
    300Hz to 3.4kHz speech filter
    4-pole Bessel voiceband low pass filter - OP292
    Square wave to sine wave filter
    Multiple feedback bandpass filter - CLC423
    Variable slew rate filter - OP-290
Category... Formulas
    Resistors in series
    Resistors in parallel
    Inductors in series
    Inductors in parallel
    Capacitors in series
    Capacitors in parallel
    Capacitance impedance
    Inductor impedance
    Ohm's law
    Decibel table and formula - voltage or current
    Wavelength formula
    Decibel formula and table - power
    Thermal resistance formulas
    Junction temperature formula
    Power dissipation formula
    Designing air core inductors
    RLC impedance, resonant frequency, and Q
    Waveform RMS, average, and crest factor
    Basic capacitor equations
    Basic inductor equations
    AC power formulas
    Johnson noise - white noise
    Cable characteristic impedance
    Standing wave ratio - SWR
    Hartley-Shannon law
    Trigonometric functions
    Differential-mode radiation
    Common-mode radiation
    Inductance of a flat conductor (PCB)
    Total input referred noise of an op amp
    Kirchoff's current law
    Kirchoff's voltage law
    PCB trace resistance
    Microstrip impedance and propagation delay
    Stripline impedance and propagation delay
    Delta to wye transform
    Wye to delta transform
    The Arrhenius model for failure rate acceleration
    Skin effect current penetration depth
Category... Interface
    Logic to inductive load interface
    Negative to positive supply logic level shifter
    AC power-output computer-input interface
    RS232 to RS485 level translator - LTC490
    Active terminator for SCSI-2 bus
    Pushbutton linear dimmer - LT-7700B
    CMOS or TTL lamp interface - LM395
    Interfacing TTL to CMOS with equal supply voltages
    Interfacing CMOS to TTL with equal supply voltages
    Interfacing CMOS to TTL with unequal supplies
    Interfacing TTL to CMOS with unequal supplies
    Opto-isolated audio interface
    Strobe-flash slave adapter
    1MHz fiber optic transmitter
    1000 watt TRIAC light dimmer
    Low cost lamp dimmer
    Simple resistance measuring A/D
    Hall-effect digital switch to TTL interface
    Hall-effect digital switch to CMOS interface
    Hall-effect digital switch to LED interface
    Hall-effect digital switch to 4 amp load interface
    Hall-effect digital switch to 115v load interface
    LSTTL to CMOS interface with hysteresis
    Connecting multiple LEDs
    RS-232 to relay interface - SMI101B
    Light detector with microprocessor interface
    3.5MHz fiber optic transmitter - LF356
    TTL-to-MOS interface - LM339
    ECL-to-TTL translator - NE529
    TTL-to-ECL translator - NE527/529
    Carrier-current remote control or intercom
    Solid state relay - LTC1177
Category... Measuring
    Fluid pressure transducer circuit
    Portable manometer
    Current monitor - LM301A
    Biofeedback monitor - PC
    Continuity tester - LM555
    Voltmeter - JFET based
    Adjustable continuity tester
    Linear thermometer - LT1002
    Milliohm adapter circuit - 7806
    Thermocouple signal conditioner - LT1006
    Basic fahrenheit temperature sensor - LM34
    Basic centigrade temperature sensor - LM35
    -50°F to +300°F temperature sensor - LM34
    -55°C to +150°C temperature sensor - LM35
    Two wire remote temperature sensor (°F) - LM34
    Two wire remote temperature sensor (°C) - LM35
    4 to 20 mA = 0 to +100°F fahrenheit sensor - LM34
    4 to 20 mA = 0 to +100°C centigrade sensor - LM35
    Basic Kelvin temperature sensor - LM335
    Calibrated Kelvin temperature sensor - LM335
    Minimum Kelvin temperature sensor - LM335
    Average Kelvin temperature sensor - LM335
    Thermocouple cold junction compensation - LM335
    Single supply cold junction compensation - LM335
    Centigrade calibrated thermocouple thermometer
    Picoammeter circuit with 4 ranges - CA3420
    High input resistance voltmeter - CA3420
    Transistor tester
    Measuring input offset volts and offset/bias current
    Logic probe - 7404
    pH probe amplifier
    Thermocouple temperature with alarm - AD594
    LVDT signal conditioner - AD598
    Micropower cold junction comp. for thermocouples
    DC Ammeter - LM4250
    10mV to 100V full-scale DC voltmeter - LM4250
    DC nanoammeter - LM4250
    Resistance bridge circuit
    Wheatstone bridge
    Low-ohms tester
    Megohm tester
    Liquid level sensing system - CA3240
    Ratiometric temperature sensor - AD22100
    4 to 20 mA = -40°C to +85°C - TMP01
    Average kelvin temperature sensor - AD592
    Minimum kelvin temperature sensor - AD592
    Differential temperature sensor - AD592
    Thermocouple cold junction compensation - AD592
    Temperature to 4-20mA transmitter - AD592
    Celsius or fahrenheit thermometer - AD592
    High side current sensing amplifier - LTC1152
    Measuring battery charging current - LMC6062
    Measuring battery discharging current - LMC6062
    Platinum RTD signal conditioner - LT1078
    Battery integrating discharge monitor - LT1150
    Laptop computer battery monitor - LTC1286
    Inexpensive temperature sensor - 2N2222
    1kHz linear-scale analog frequency meter
    Diode matching tester
    Less than 1 ohm continuity beeper
    Calculate ac watts with a voltmeter
    Beeper to find short circuits
    Chop DC output to get an AC standard
    Fluid level sensing with capacitance - CD4011
    Thermocouple conditioner with proportional output
    Capacitance measurement with a time domain bridge
    Servo controlling bridge drive - LTC1150
    Platinum RTD signal conditioner with A/D out
    Linear output thermistor bridge - LT1101
    Simple, inexpensive precision barometer
    Bi-directional current monitor - OP-77
    Linear output thermometer - TLE2022
    Double-ended flashing voltage monitor - LM10
    1kw power meter - LM394
    Optoelectric pyrometer with transmitter - LM10
    0-50°C temperature sensor - NE5514
    Strain gauge amplifier - NE5234
    Tonal voltmeter - 4046
Category... Misc.
    Gray code
    Resistor color code - 5%, 10%, 20%
    DTMF frequencies
    Common small signal transistors
    Common power transistors
    Common darlington transistors
    Common JFETs
    Common 1watt zener diodes
    Common 500mW zener diodes
    Prefix definitions
    MOSFET symbols
    JFET symbols
    Transistor symbols
    Diode symbols
    Thyristor symbols
    RS-232 pinout - 25 pin
    RS-232 pinout - 9 pin
    Parallel port pinout - 25 pin
    Centronics parallel interface pinout - 36 pin
    PC bus pinout - 62 pin
    Power supply ripple graph - full-wave
    Power supply ripple graph - half-wave
    Linear-log graph
    Log-log graph
    Linear-linear graph
    Time constant graph - capacitor charging
    Time constant graph - capacitor discharging
    Greek letters and symbols
    IEEE Microwave frequency bands
    Thermal resistance - device junction to case
    Thermal resistance - device case to ambient
    Thermal resistance - electrical insulators
    Quartz crystal equivalent circuit
    Standard resistor values - 1% and 1/2%
    Thermocouple Seebeck coefficients
    Integrated circuit temperature grades
    Capacitor characteristics
    IC packaging suffix codes
    Semiconductor bathtub hazard rate curve
    MIL-STD-883 environmental tests for semiconductors
    MIL-STD-883 mechanical tests for semiconductors
    SCSI connector pinout
    Standard resistor values - 5%
    Dimensions - 8 lead plastic DIP
    Dimensions - 14 lead plastic DIP
    Dimensions - 16 lead plastic DIP
    Dimensions - 18 lead plastic DIP
    Dimensions - 20 lead plastic DIP
    Dimensions - 24 lead plastic DIP
    Dimensions - 28 lead plastic DIP
    Dimensions - 8 lead small outline (SO)
    Dimensions - 14 lead small outline (SO)
    Dimensions - 16 lead small outline (SO)
    Dimensions - 16 lead small outline (wide) (SOL)
    Dimensions - 18 lead small outline (wide) (SOL)
    Dimensions - 20 lead small outline (wide) (SOL)
    Dimensions - 24 lead small outline (wide) (SOL)
    Dimensions - 28 lead small outline (wide) (SOL)
    Dimensions - 3 lead TO-220
    Dimensions - 5 lead TO-220
    Dimensions - 2 lead TO-3 metal can
    Dimensions - 4 lead TO-3 metal can
    Dimensions - 3 lead TO-92
    PCMCIA card pinout
    Construction of low resistance shunts
    Resistor Color Code - Precision
    Wire Table
    Resistor voltage ratings
    Firefly flash emulator
    Solder pad layout - SO-8, SO-14, SO-16
    Solder pad layout - SOL-16 thru SOL-28
    Solder pad layout - 3 lead SOT-223
    IBM PS/2 keyboard interface pinout
    IBM PC keyboard interface pinout
    RJ-11-4 modular jack and plug pinout
    RJ-11-6 modular jack and plug pinout
    RJ-45 modular jack and plug pinout
    RJ-45 keyed modular jack and plug pinout
    RJ-11-6 modified modular jack and plug pinout
    IBM PC color monitor interface pinout
    IBM PC monochrome monitor interface pinout
    IBM PS/2 monitor interface pinout
    Ethernet transceiver (MAU) interface pinout
    IEEE 488 interface pinout
    EIA-530 interface pinout
    V.35 interface pinout
    RS-449 interface pinout
    Interface standards for RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485
    Vendors for heatsinks
    Vendors for low value resistors
    Vendor for thermal grease
    Vendors for thermally conductive washers
    Vendors for teflon tubing
    Vendor for resistance wire
    PCB copper thickness
    PCB maximum trace current
    Solder pad layout - TSSOP (0.173" body)
    Solder pad layout - SSOP (0.209" body)
    Solder pad layout - SSOP (0.150" body)
    Solder pad layout - SSOP (0.300" body)
    EIA capacitance marking
    EIA capacitance marking - small surface mount
    Inrush current of lamps
    Inrush current of inductive and capacitive loads
    Relay contact forms
    Eliminate relay or switch bounce
    PCB conductor width vs destruction current
    PCB conductor spacing vs breakdown voltage
    Dimensions - 16 lead plastic SSOP
    Dimensions - 20 lead plastic SSOP
    Dimensions - 24 lead plastic SSOP
    Dimensions - 28 lead plastic SSOP
    Dimensions - 20 lead plastic TSSOP
    Dimensions - 16 lead plastic TSSOP
    Dimensions - 14 lead plastic TSSOP
    Dimensions - 8 lead plastic TSSOP
    Dimensions - 24 lead plastic TSSOP
    Dimensions - 28 lead plastic TSSOP
    Dimensions - 20 lead PLCC
    Dimensions - 28 lead PLCC
    Dimensions - 44 lead PLCC
    Dimensions - 68 lead PLCC
    Dimensions - 84 lead PLCC
Category... Misc. Analog
    Positive voltage reference 1 - LM107
    Negative voltage reference 1 - LM107
    Negative voltage reference 2 - LM107
    Positive voltage reference 2 - LM107
    Darlington connected emitter follower
    Darlington connected common emitter
    Sample and hold with offset adjustment
    JFET ac coupled integrator
    Variable attenuator - 2N3685
    High frequency switch - 2N4391
    Low power regulator reference
    Low drift sample and hold
    High toggle rate high frequency analog switch
    Linear ramp generator - LM555
    Diode bridge
    Basic amplifier characteristics
    White noise generator - zener
    White noise generator - transistor
    100MHz two input multiplexer - EL2120
    Simulated inductor - EL2003
    Switch debouncer - RC
    Constructing a non-polarized capacitor
    Op amp guard ring connections
    Resistor multiplier - LT1012
    Positive-edge differentiator
    Negative-edge differentiator
    Gyrator used in a telephone circuit
    Micropower, 10ppm/°C, +/-5v reference
    Simulated inductor - LM833
    Difference integrator - LM3900
    Analog adder/subtracter
    Op amp offset voltage test
    Op amp offset voltage test - simple
    Op amp bias/offset current test
    Op amp open loop gain test
    Op amp common mode rejection ratio test - simple
    Op amp common mode rejection ratio test
    Op amp gain bandwidth product test
    Gradual lamp turn on/off
    Zener diode simulator
    Dual output, buffered reference - LT1112
    Power-down for op amp circuits - 74C907
    Video fader - LT1228, LT1223
    Video DC restore (clamp) - LT1228
    Ground force reference - LTC1150, LT1010
    Ultra-precision voltage divider - LTC1144
    Noninverting, logarithmic, gain control - LT1251
    Inverting, logarithmic gain, control - LT1251
    Soft clipper - LT1256
    Basic variable integrator - LT1256
    Input bias current cancellation - LT1366
    Rail-to-rail potentiometer buffer - LT1366
    Differentiator for digitized video signals
    AC power controller for VCR
    Staircase waveform generator - LM3900
    Potentiometer trimming techniques
    Capacitance multiplier - LM108
    Negative capacitance multiplier - LM108
    Variable capacitance multiplier - LM102, LM101A
    Variable 100W simulated resistive load
    Simulated voltage controlled resistor - AD835
    Short input pulse integrator - EL2020
    Positive voltage clamp
    Negative voltage clamp
    4.5v low drop-out reference - OP295
    +2.5v reference from a +3v supply - OP291
    Simple +2.5v reference - LM336
    +2.5v reference with minimum temp coefficient
    +2.5v reference with wide input range - LM336
    Micropower false-ground generator - OP196
    Switchable +/-1.25v bipolar reference
    Sample-and-hold - LM11
    Constant intensity lamp flasher - LM2931C
    Temperature control with frequency output - NE555
    +5v reference from +5v supply - LT1236
    Very low voltage reference - REF200
    Integrator for nanosecond pulses - SHC615
    Compensation for stray capacitance in an op amp
    Compensating for capacitive loads on an op amp
Category... Misc. Digital
    NAND gate truth table
    AND gate truth table
    OR gate truth table
    NOR gate truth table
    Exclusive NOR gate truth table
    Exclusive OR gate truth table
    Transistor inverter
    DeMorgan's theorem
    One shot - 74C02
    Monostable multivibrator - Positive edge triggered
    Monostable multivibrator - Negative edge triggered
    Delay circuit - MC14584B
    Pulse stretcher - MC14584B
    Pulse compressor - MC14584B
    Large fan-in AND gate - LM139

    Bi-stable multivibrator - LM139
    One-shot multivibrator - LM139
    Schmitt trigger - JFET
    Monostable multivibrator - LM555
    Astable multivibrator - LM555
    Schmitt trigger - LM555
    LED flasher - LM555
    Double ended LED flasher - LM555
    Automatic, dark actuated LED flasher - LM555
    Darkness actuated relay pulser  - LM555
    Light actuated relay pulser  - LM555
    Light actuated 800Hz alarm  - LM555
    Darkness actuated 800Hz alarm  - LM555

    Under-temperature actuated relay pulser  - LM555
    Over-temperature actuated relay pulser  - LM555
    Over-temperature actuated 800Hz alarm  - LM555
    Under-temperature actuated 800Hz alarm  - LM555
    Digital inverter/switch - NPN
    Digital inverter/switch - PNP
    High-gain, Non-inverting digital switch - NPN
    High-gain, Non-inverting digital switch - NPN/PNP
    Power one-shot - LM395
    NOR gate formed from a comparator or op amp
    Dual LED flasher - astable multivibrator
    Common transmission line termination techniques
    Flip-flop from an op amp - TLC271
    Serial asynchronous transmission protocol
    SCSI standards comparison
    Square wave tone burst generator - NE555
    One-amplifier one-shot - LM3900
    Schmitt trigger - inverting - LM3900
    Schmitt trigger - non-inverting - LM3900
Category... Oscillators
    Oscillator with quadrature output
    Oscillator with double frequency output
    Square wave oscillator - 74C04
    Phase shift oscillator - 74C04
    Schmitt trigger RC oscillator
    Gated RC oscillator
    Variable duty cycle oscillator
    Voltage controlled oscillator - MC14584B
    Neon bulb oscillator
    Xeon flasher using a SIDAC
    Triangular wave generator - LM101/LM107
    JFET pierce crystal oscillator
    Pulse generator - LM139
    Squarewave oscillator - LM139
    Crystal controlled oscillator - LM139
    Wien bridge sine wave oscillator
    Stable low frequency crystal oscillator
    Low distortion oscillator
    50% duty cycle oscillator - LM555
    27MHz oscillator
    Code practice oscillator - LM555
    Signal generator - LM555
    Square-wave generator 200 Hz to 2 kHz - 4046
    Near 0 to 1.4 kHz VCO - 4060
    VCO that goes down to 0 Hz - 4060
    60 Hz to 1.4 kHz VCO - 4060
    Restricted range VCO - 4060
    Two-phase, wide-range VCO - 4046
    Manually gated wide-range VCO - 4046
    Electronically gated wide-range VCO - 4046
    CMOS Schmitt trigger 100kHz oscillator
    1MHz gate oscillator - 4049
    10MHz TTL gate oscillator - 74LS04
    5MHz 2-gate oscillator - 74LS04
    20MHz discrete oscillator
    Crystal stabilized relaxation oscillator
    1-10MHz crystal oscillator - LT1016
    10-25MHz crystal oscillator - LT1016
    20MHz voltage controlled oscillator
    60Hz synchronized oscillator
    Stable RC oscillator - LT1011
    1ns rise time pulse generator
    Micropower crystal oscillator - HA7210
    Wien-bridge oscillator - 741
    1Mhz Miller oscillator
    Frequency shift keyed (FSK) generator - 4046
    Simple Hartley LC oscillator
    37kHz - Colpitts LC oscillator
    80kHz - Clapp of Gouriet LC oscillator
    Simple Reinartz LC oscillator
    Ultra-pure 1kHz sine wave oscillator - LT1037
    Voltage controlled ramp generator - 2N6027
    Op amp astable multivibrator - MC3301
    Function generator - LM324
    Amplitude stabilized oscillator - VCA610
    Digital sine-wave generator - ML2035
    Crystal controlled sinewave frequency doubler
    Sine waves with crystal accuracy - HA7210
    Three tone oscillator - 7400
    Function generator, +5v only - LT1016
    Two-phase nonoverlapping clock generator
    Bridge oscillator with square wave out - LT1056
    Quartz stabilized bridge oscillator - LT1056
    Sine wave output quartz bridge oscillator - LT1056
    Common mode suppression for a quartz bridge osc
    Very low voltage relaxation oscillator - 74LV14
    Very low voltage relaxation oscillator - 74LV132
    16MHz crystal oscillator - NE5212A
    Micropower Wien-bridge oscillator - OP-22
    Versatile triangle wave generator
Category... Power Supplies
    Fixed output regulator - LM340
    Current regulator - LM340
    Adjustable output regulator - LM340
    Precision current source - LM107
    Precision current sink - LM107
    Cool current source
    +5v, 1amp simple switcher - LM2575
    Voltage doubler - half-wave
    Voltage doubler - full-wave
    Cascade voltage doubler
    Power supply monitor - LED
    Constant current generator - 5ma
    Ground referenced constant current generator
    3.38v - 7A linear regulator
    3vdc to 5vdc - 60mA switcher - LT1108-5
    5vdc to 12vdc - 30mA power supply - LTC1262
    5vdc to 12vdc - 60mA power supply - LTC1263
    3.3v / 5v to 12v - 60mA / 120mA switcher
    High efficiency 3.3v / 5v to 12v switcher
    5v to 3.3v - 150mA linear regulator - LT1121
    3.3v - 700mA linear regulator - LT1129
    5v to 3.3v high efficiency switcher - LTC1174
    1.5vdc to 5vdc switcher - LT1110
    9V to 5V switcher - LT1110
    1.5v to +5v and +10v switcher - LT1110
    1.5v to +5v and -5v switcher - LT1110
    +20v to +5v step down converter - LT1111
    +3v to -22v LCD bias generator - LT1111
    Voltage-controlled pos to neg converter - LT1111
    Low quiescent current +5v switcher - LT1111
    5v, 7.5A linear regulator - LT1083
    15 amp parallel linear regulator - LT1083
    2000vdc, 600W voltage regulator - LT317A
    High stability +10vdc regulator - LT317AH
    Thermally controlled NiCad Charge - LT1001
    Battery splitter - LTC1044
    High current battery splitter - LTC1010
    Voltage doubler - LT1044
    40v voltage regulator - LT317AH
    Voltage boosted boost converter - LT1070
    Programmable high current sink / source
    Basic half-wave unregulated  pos DC power supply
    Basic full-wave CT unregulated  positive supply
    Basic full-wave bridge unregulated positive supply
    Basic half-wave regulated +5vdc supply
    Basic full-wave CT, regulated +5vdc supply
    Basic full-wave bridge, regulated +5vdc supply
    Basic full-wave +/-5v regulated supply
    Basic half-wave unregulated neg DC supply
    Basic full-wave CT unregulated +/-V supply
    Basic full-wave center-tap, unregulated neg supply
    Basic full-wave bridge, unregulated neg supply
    Basic half-wave regulated -5v supply
    Basic full-wave CT, regulated -5v supply
    Basic full-wave bridge, regulated -5v supply
    Two terminal 100mA current regulator - LM395
    5v power supply monitor - LT1017
    Flashing power supply monitor
    Negative voltage charge pump
    Zener shunt regulator
    Transistor shunt regulator
    Emitter follower regulator
    Op amp voltage regulator - MC3401
    Low differential voltage regulator - LM2931-5.0
    Solar cell battery charger - MC34064P
    Triple output switching power supply - MC34166
    Voltage-controlled current source - LM3900
    Voltage-controlled current sink - LM3900
    Voltage doubler - ICL7667
    5 amp current boost regulator - LM340
    15 amp current boost regulator - MC78TXX
    Thermal controlled NiCad battery charger - LT1006
    5v, 1A, 500kHz step down switching regulator
    Simple +6v regulator - 2N2222A
    +3.3v to +2.5v @ 7A supply
    High efficiency 3.3v switcher - LTC1574
    Low dropout micropower -5v supply - LT1175
    3.3v, 10A N-channel switcher - LTC1266
    3.3v, 5A N-channel switcher - LTC1266
    3.3v, 150mA surface mount switcher - LT1574
    3.3v, 425mA low noise switcher - LT1574
    Lithium-ion battery charger - LM3420
    Dual output low-dropout regulator - LM2956
    +5v @ 500mA, low-dropout regulator - LM2960-5.0
    Voltage-controlled current source - LT1101
    -4.1v at 10mA inverter - LTC1550
    Voltage programmable current source - LT1102
    1 amp voltage controlled current source - LT1211
    1 amp voltage controlled current sink - LT1211
    Negative to positive telecom +5v supply - LT1082
    200uA floating current source - REF200
    100uA floating current source - REF200
    50uA current source - REF200
    50uA current sink - REF200
    Programmable current source - REF200
    Programmable current sink - REF200
    High input voltage linear regulator - MC78XXC
    High output voltage linear regulator - MC7824CT
    Negative linear regulator, output current boosting
    Positive linear regulator, output current boosting
    Isolated dc supply - 74HCT14
    +5v from RS-232 - LM78L05
    Fast charger for NiCad batteries - MAX771
    Positive regulator sinks current - LM324
    +5v, 5 amp ultra-low dropout regulator - LT1123
    Programmable voltage source - OPA445
    Power supply Topology - Buck (step down)
    Power supply Topology - Boost (step up)
    Power supply Topology - Buck-Boost (step down/up)
    Power supply Topology - SEPIC (step down/up)
    Power supply Topology - CUK (step up/down)
    Power supply Topology - Forward converter
    Power supply Topology - Flyback regulator
    Power supply Topology - Push-pull converter
    Power supply Topology - Two-switch forward conv.
    Power supply Topology - Half bridge converter
    Power supply Topology - Full bridge converter
    Single supply, programmable current sink
    Precision constant current source - TL051
    Precision constant current sink - TL051
    +5v low power voltage regulator - TLC27M2
    Precision low current sink - TLC271
    Current source with low temperature coefficient
    +2v to +5v converter - LTC1516
    +3v low dropout voltage regulator - OP296
    50mA constant current battery charger - TL317C
    +15v regulator with slow turn-on - TL317C
    Current limited 6v battery charger - TL317C
    Shunt regulator - TL431
    +50v at 0.5A linear regulator - TL783C
    High voltage adjustable regulator - TL783C
    High voltage adjustable linear regulator - LM12
    +5v electronic shutdown regulator - LM317
Category... Protection
    Microprocessor reset with brownout protection
    12ns circuit breaker
    Varistor selection guide for 117vac applications
    Automotive load protection - SP710
    Human body model for ESD testing
    Characteristics of transient voltage suppressors
    Simple two terminal current limiter - LM395
    Bicycle alarm
    Simple current limiter
    Semiconductor susceptibility to ESD
    Typical electrostatic voltages
    1.5v powered refrigerator alarm - LT1017
    Light operated SCR Alarm - MRD3050
    Electronic crowbar - TRIAC
    Overvoltage audio alarm
    Undervoltage visual alarm - MC34064P
    MOSFET low voltage gate drive protection
    Transient protection circuit
    Freezer alarm - LTC1042
    AC dropout detector - LT1018
    Temperature out-of-range warning - TMP01
    5v/1A electronic circuit breaker - LTC1153
    Precision limiter for A/D converter inputs
    Modem/fax protector
    Kick-back voltage limiter
    Anti-reversal protection - MOSFET
    Adjustable current limiter - LM317
    Shielding effectiveness of various materials
    CMOS-aided security alarm - 4001B
    Burglar alarm using N.O. and N.C. switches
    Watchdog timer - LT1018
Category... Radio
    Simplified PIN diode switch
    Tunable FM antenna booster
    Economy radar detector
    Crystal radio
    Wireless FM transmitter
    Simple FM transmitter
    Yet another FM transmitter
    G5RV multiband ham antenna
    AM/FM/SW active antenna
    RBDS data decoder
    AM radio tone transmitter - 4049
    Op amp based AM radio transmitter
    40 meter direct-conversion receiver
    350-500 kHz to 4.35-4.5 MHz down-converter
    Vacuum-tube 40 meter transmitter
Category... Sound
    Electronic door buzzer
    Melody generator - HT-381X
    Two way intercom - ELH0041
    Precision audio signals from your PC
    Destroyer whooper sound effect - 555
    Warble tone 6 watt siren
    5-band low noise graphic equalizer
    Exponential cross-fade controller
    IC record/playback circuit - ISD1000A
    Speaker impedance compensation - Zobel network
    Sound-level limiter
    Professional audio DAC buffer - AD797
    Low dc offset attenuator with muting circuit
    110 dB beeper - 74C14
    IR voice-band transmitter
    IR voice-band receiver
Category... Telephone
    Telephone tone ringer
    DTMF tone generator - low level

    Telephone hold button
    Caller ID analog front end
    Call progress tones
    Telephone operating parameters
    Telephone ring amplifier
    One key DTMF dialer - HT-9290
    Call progress detector - 75T982

    Caller ID circuit - MC145447
    Isolated ring detector - MC34012
    DTMF single-ended receiver - M-8870
    Call progress tone detector - M-980
    Precise call progress tone detector - M-981
    Call progress tone generator - M-991
    Telephone-in-use indicator
    Phone-line privacy circuit
    Telephone ring detector - 4N35
    Telephone line interface - MC33179
Category... Timers
    Simple 5 minute timer - 4541
    Long time comparator
    Metronome - LM555
    1 to 10 minute timer
    10 to 100 minute timer
    Delayed switch-on relay
    Delayed switch-off relay
    Analog alarm clock - HT-1300
    Time delay with 1 amp output - LM395
    SCR output, power timer - 555
    20 minute PUT timer
    Delay on power up - LT1017
    Long interval RC timer - MC34001
    Delay timer - TL431
    Long time constant op amp timer