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 The DonTronics Motherboard (DT001)

The DT001 is both a SimmStick Development platform and a PIC programmer. It is functionally equivalent to my old PIC84PGM Cheap Programmer board with the 10 pin header in my standard pinout for my Pigmy target board, 18 pin socket for direct on board programming, DonTronics 34 pin Relay Bus header, power supply, DB-9 and Max-232, plus provision for 8 Simm Socket slots at .3" centers, so these can be single or dual connectors. Slot 1 is switched via the Load/Run switch for in-circuit programming for the 84. Additional holes are provided for 30 pin sockets or pins at .15" centers so that in fact 15 boards could be installed, well if they all had low profile Surface Mount Devices. This has been done so that the user has the choice of socket placement.

A 30 pin female right angle pin header will allow for simple connection to an extension of the SimmStickTM Bus to additional boards, so you don't have to design to the 30 pin SimmStickTM module connector layout. To hook up a vero matrix board, all you need is a right angle 30 pin male strip pin header. With a modular system, right angle and straight male and female pin headers, extension boards that allow boards to flip right or left, verticle, 27 degree and right angle simm sockets, you will find it could be much like a Rubick's Cube or Meccano set building block than a serious Single Chip Micro hardware platform. Perhaps we should solder mask modules in different colors. :) Final design is up to the individual's imagination.
People keep asking the same questions:
Will the DT001 burn a 508/509 chip? Yes.
Will it work on fast Pentium computers? Yes.
Will it burn micros other than the 84 type? Yes.

Reverse Engineering, Inc. Mod Chip FAQ, if you are burning MOD chips.

See Don's Download Dungeon for free drivers for the 84 using DOS, W9x, and NT.
Third Party software is available to burn chips other than the 84. See below.

DonTronics Home Page.  P16PRO Software Registration:
You can Register P16PRO PICmicro software at DonTronics "on-line", using our web based secure Credit Card system for $20USD. The P16PRO software will work under DOS, W3.1 or W9x.
This software will allow you to use most "David Tait" variant programmers including the DT001, to program a very large number of PICmicro devices via the Parallel Printer Port of a PC. Follow the registration link to read the full story.

Also check out quickpic.html and pickaxe.html for Cheap component kits for DT001 and SimmStick.

Current Revision C.

Revision B.

Revision A.

And for the same old repeated question: (FFFAQ)

Subject: Re: Difference between the 16C84 and the 16F84?
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 14:52:16 +0200
From: wouter van ooijen / floortje hanneman <wf@XS4ALL.NL>
Reply-To: pic microcontroller discussion list <PICLIST@MITVMA.MIT.EDU>

This is a FFFAQ

16f84 (68 file registers == ram bytes) is upwards compatible with 16c84 (36), except for:
- polarity of power-on timer enable bit
- code-protection bits
Neither will be very important for a hobby project.
Using the appropriate header files (in whathever language you use) will useually take care of these differences, but in a pinch you can simply substitute a 16f84 for a 16c84, invert the power-on enable (if you care at all) and live with a less-than-perfect
code protection (if you enabled this at all).
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