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Dontronics Home Page  DT007 Micro MotherBoard for SimmStick Platform

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DT007 is a small motherboard primary made for Atmel SimmStick boards from Dontronics and LAWICEL and the Stamp Stick boards from Wirz.

  • Double SimmStick connector.
  • Size of board is 1.15" * 4.4"
  • 2.1mm Power plug.
  • Rectifier.
  • STK200/Kanda programming Interface (IDC10) with light diode indication.
  • DB9 Female for RS232 connected to A1/A2.
  • LED indication on +5VDC.
  • RESET button.
  • 1 Capacitor for Unregulated power (DC-IN).
  • 1 Capacitor for Regulated power (DC from SimmStick boards).
  • 4 mounting holes.


C2-C3 Capacitor 100nF
R5-R6 Resistor 1kOhm
LD5 3mm green LED
LD6 3mm red LED
B5 Reset Switch
K1 2.1mm power or screw terminal
K2 IDC10 for Kanda/STK200 programming interface
K3 RS232 DB9/Female connector
J1/J2 Insert these jumpers for StampStick 2SX
SIMM1 Dual SimmStick connector
D1 W04 Rectifier

4-Aug-2004 Hamish Moffatt hamish at cloud.net.au Hi Don, I am using a couple of SIMM100s in a project with a DT007. I found that the AT90S8535 was unreliable if there are any supply droops eg due to switching on other equipment on the same supply. The voltage regulator V1 really needs some filtering on its input. The DT007 does not have any caps in the supply at all. I added a 47uF soldered directly to the pins of the regulator and it solved my problem. Perhaps you could add a note to the SIMM100 page. Cheers Hamish

Date:              Sun, 13 Oct 2002 14:41:00 +1000
John Saunders <wjohnsaunders at ptusnet.com.au>
John Saunders wrote:
Hi Don,
I ordered and successfully built a SIM100, DT007 (mini motherboard) and DT205 (4 relay board) for use as a development system. I expect to build 4 production systems but I will switch to a semi-populated D006 and DT205 for that due to an assembly glitch I found.

The dual SIMM socket of the DT007 doesn't provide enough room to mount 2 populated cards together. It also doesn't provide the row of holes for a R/A header strip that could allow the DT205 to butt up to it. I ended up running some wires (GND, PWR, +5V, D0-D3) from the SIM100 to the DT205 to get it working. However I realised after the fact that there are several options were available. Instead of the dual SIMM socket I could use a straight header strip in the front position for the SIMM100, and a R/A header strip in the rear to allow the DT205 to butt up against the motherboard. Alternatively I could have built the SIMM100 much flatter so that it could plug into the read SIMM socket, but omiting the 10 pin box headers, jumper blocks, LEDs,  chip sockets, and bending some passive components over flat.

I would appreciate a little note on the DT007 page to tell customers about this glitch and the possible options, instead of just diving in and building the things like I did :-)

From Don:
Hi John, thanks for the feedback. It was never invisaged that you could put two cards into a dual simm socket.There is possibly a lot more info at http://www.dontronics.com/ssinfo.html, but I know it can be hard to find it all, and put it all together.

However, I'll put a little note on the dt007 page regarding your problem, in the hope that it will assist others.
Cheers Don...

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