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Dontronics Home Page   DT207 SimmStick Power Supply and RS-232 Comms

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The DT207 Power Supply and RS-232 SimmStick, is simply a 1" SimmStick, at the same price as other 1" SimmStick PCB's.
It can be used as a stand-alone Power Supply and/or a RS-232 Comms unit, or in conjunction with a SimmStick Development system. The DT005 passive Motherboard is an ideal candidate for this module.

An example of a stand alone application for the DT207:

Board Components:

1 by DT207 PCB

1 by 7805 +5 Voltage regulator in TO-220 case.
1 by Suitable heat sink for above Regulator.
1 by Diode Bridge D1 WO2 (or WO4 type)
1 by 2.1mm or 2.5mm DC Input plug. PCB mount.
1 by Capacitor C1 1000uf Electrolytic @25 Volts. (PCB type mount.)

1 by Capacitor C2 .01uf (or .1uf) Ceramic
1 by Capacitor C3 .01uf (or .1uf) Ceramic
1 by Resistor R1 330 .25 watt Red LED 1
1 by Resistor R2 330 .25 watt for Reset Switch.
1 by 5mm Red LED. LED 1 PWR monitor

A Reset switch can be added for CPU control,
This can be a mini 2 pin TACT switch that can have a .2" or a  .3" pattern.

Serial Communications:

1 by MAX-232 or equivalent.
4 by 1uf Electrolytic or Tantalum Caps for Max-232. C4 to C7.
1 by DB-9 female right angle PCB mount connector.

It may also pay to install a 16 pin socket for the Max-232, as you may choose to remove it for some configurations.

My Apologies, two board faults have been found:

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