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The special price on the dontronics.com page is for 5 boards, so if you order 10, you get 50 boards.
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This product makes "fat boards" into skinny SIMM-socket mountable SimmSticks.

Now available Half Inch Board $4AUD

Many users have indicated that the thin PCB  material requirement for SimmStick boards can be a major obstacle when it comes to using these boards as a rapid prototyping platform. People can't use quick turn around El-Cheapo board services to make SimmStick cards.

We have made a SimmStick Edge Connector board which is 0.6" tall and contains just a SimmStick edge connector and holes, plus the two locator holes, and 30 signal pads at the top end of the board as well as the pads at .1" centers so that boards can be "edge-soldered" together without the use of connectors at all if the "fat board" has 30 pads in the correct location.

This board can be used with male header pins to join to a user board that can be any thickness, single or double sided, or even vero board. The pins can be soldered through both boards, then trimmed flush.

Boards could be initially developed using this method, and later could be easily turned into real SimmStick "production quality" boards with minor Layout  modifications, just add the edge connector, and make a board that's the correct thickness.

Will accommodate a board that is the same width as a SimmStick, and can also be used as a mount to convert from a SIMM Socket, to a female 30 pin header.

This converter board can be used to make a RadioShack #276-158 protoboard (25 holes by 30 holes) into a DIY

The DT208 will allow the use of the U401  in SIMM sockets.

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