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David Tait's Links to Internet PIC Resources
Subject:           David Tait's PIC stuff
     Date:          Tue, 18 May 1999 22:26:04 +0100
     From          David Tait (E-mail suppressed)
       To:           PICLIST@MITVMA.MIT.EDU
For various reasons I'm removing the PIC related pages and files from my University server.  At present I have no plans to
make the stuff available elsewhere.  If you want to grab anything please do so before next Monday.

23-May-99 The father of the PICmicro Printer Port Programmers, David Tait announced the removal of his pages. With his permission, DonTronics has removed his E-Mail contact, and faithfully re-produced his PICmicro pages in full. This means, all pictures, links, and files.

David Tait's Programmer Software Variants.

Last changed 18th May 1999

Here I have collected a few links related to PIC (aka PICmicro) microcontrollers. The links have been carefully listed in a totally random order. I've tried to keep nearly everything on one graphics-free page deliberately; even though the page is quite large now it should take less time to download than the opening graphics of most commercial sites. I think all links are "absolute" so you can simply download this page once and use it locally thereafter (you might like to call back every so often to look for updates).

You can probably turn up many more PIC related links yourself with a WWW search and if you find anything interesting let me know.

Comments, suggestions and queries to david.tait (E-mail Suppressed)

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