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My early Tote years Mobile Tote Vans. My Tote Contributions.
My donations to the Australian Computer Museum Society The Excalibur 64 Computer Life Defining Moments by Don McKenzie
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Google Drive: Slide Show images - PDP Front Panel Video.
EEVblog - David Jones Video 1 EEVblog - David Jones Video 2
EEVblog 1619 - Video Mailbag: Featuring Don McKenzie
Dontronics Shopping Cart 1999 - Recreated.
Shopping Carts from the Way-Back Machine:
Dontronics Shopping Cart 1999. Dontronics Shopping Cart 2005. Dontronics Shopping Cart 2012. Dontronics Shopping Cart 2016.
Thebackshed - Maximite and the Dontronics-Olimex Duinomite.
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Facebook - State of Electronics. Facebook - State of Electronics. A teaser. Facebook - Z80 to PDP 11-40 Front Panel.
PBUFF sold over 4000 units world wide, well before the internet was known. From 64K to 4Mb.
Ask - Have you seen Don McKenzie's PBUFF? How does it address 4Mb of DRAM from a Z80?
PBUFF history map from Excalibur Newsletter 1985-1986.
PBUFF DRAM read-write routines to 4Mb memory size.
My Z80 HTML page. Includes PBUFF.
Australian Computer Museum Society (ACMS) Podcast January 2024. Printer Buffer, First PC, Dontronics, and more.
Facebook - Darwin Colourising Yesteryear.
Darwin Colourising Yesteryear - Podcast on ABC Radio Darwin September 2022.
Darwin Gallery of historical B&W photos converted to colour.
Yes I am still alive. Want to know what I am up to?
My daughters Penny and Sharon are putting their efforts into this site.