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A few stories and The Staff transfer from ATL to the TAB 1988
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Notice of agreement to transfer the Technical staff from ATL to the TAB

This is a small portion of the initial agreement that was negotiated on our behalf, by Ms Julia Gillard of Slater and Gordon, and Howard Lilley General Manager ATL, prior to our transfer across to the Vic TAB. One name figures prominently in newspapers daily (2010), and the other rates a mention from time to time. The battle over this agreement was an interesting contest, considering the two head players involved.

Howard Lilley EX-General Manager of ATL. Good Friday 2-April-2010

Hi Don - I did a Yahoo search for fun (usually use Google) and up came a website with my name on it and related to the transfer of staff from ATL to VICTAB. I clearly remember that however had no recollection of Julia Gillard being the one at Slater & Gordon. Anyway I thought I would drop you a note just to say hi. Kind Regards - Howard

Thanks and Happy Easter Howard,
I only became aware of the fact after going through some old documentation I was about to shred, when I found her business card. I worked out she was 27 at the time, so it wasn't a bad effort on her behalf. I remember driving her back to the S&G office in the CBD, after one of our meetings at Moonee Valley. I left TABcorp nearly 11 years ago, and I mentioned Julia to the old team, and they all seemed aware that she was involved. So it appears it was only the both of us that have short memories. Well, it was 22 years ago. :-)

Nice to hear from you, take care,

Cheers Don...

Final transfer for technical staff eventually took place on Monday 22nd May 1988. All other staff were transferred at the beginning of December.

Prior to my transfer, the TAB insisted I disclose in writing, any business activities outside of ATL. I had a long running contract with the Department of Communications, supplying them with software, and there were many spin offs. See: Australia's First PC. I was also designing, manufacturing, and selling electronic kits, and other software packages I had produced. If the TAB wasn't prepared to accept my extra activities, I may well have resigned in 1988, instead of 1999. At least 1999 gave me the extra years of service for Superannuation,  and allowed me to take an early retirement package at age 56.

There were times when TAB management had to be reminded that I had made this disclosure statement, and that I had written acceptance of same signed by one Damian Bignell. Actually found his letter in my archives recently.

Mick Gulovsen is the only name you will see on the original transfer agreement, who is still with the TAB (Jan-2010). Every one else has gone. Well, there are two abnormalities. ATL employed two casual techs. Kevin Johnston, and Mark Dyball. Even though they often worked 60 or 70 hours a week, and sometimes a lot more, they were never included in the long service, and superannuation arrangements that every one else had the benefits of. Every time there were talks about correcting this, they were always left disappointed. I feel they were treated poorly. Michael Higgins fought strongly to change this, as we progressed through the transfer of business, and at many other suitable times, but it was never altered. Kevin is still with the TAB (Jan-2010), hopefully under a much better arrangement today,  and Mark runs his own business.