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DT106 Development PCB for the 28/40 Pin PICmicro. Mainly for the new PIC16F87x. Should be available this coming week.

EAGLE Layout Editor powerful and affordable solutions for PCB design, including Schematic Capture, Board Layout, and Autorouter. Freeware and Commercial Versions! Runs on Windows® 9x, Windows NT®, MS-DOS® and Linux®

C-AVR : 'C' compiler for AVR family micro-controllers (W95/98)  by SPJ Systems. Now available.

"Serial PIC'n" is a comprehensive book which details various methods for implementing serial communications between a Microchip PIC microcontroller and an external device. Asynchronous serial communications is covered both by using an on-chip USART and by bit-bang methods.

BASCOM-AVR AVR BASIC Compiler. Now available.

PIC16F877-20/P 40 pin DIP Now Available $25AUD each. 

SimmStick SPI in-circuit Programmer for Atmel AT89S8252


Full ANSI C Compilers Buy any ImageCraft Product mentioned on this page  and get a 10% DonTronics Digital Credit Voucher ICCAVR Standard Version $199USD ICCAVR. Professional Version  Available July 1999 for $499USD

Programming AVR chips on the Macintosh with a SimmStick and a little more about RS-232 AVR programming.

LCD test program for PIC16F877 on a SimmStick. By Peter Averill

Programming the PIC16F877 on a SimmStick.  by Peter Averill

Using a Dallas DS1302 real time clock chip and an 89C2051 to make an alarm clock. (updated)

DonTronics welcomes your input for new SimmSick designs.

DT102 RS-485/232 Mini-Terminal on a 2.5 Inch SimmStick platform.

89C2051 driven walking message display project.

As well as the vast range of PICmicro devices, the PICALL (DIY Kit 117) hardware kit can also program ATMEL AVR micros AT90S12000, AT90S2313, AT90S4414 and AT90S8515's.

Using a 8255 to expand the number of io lines for an AT89Cx051
Expanding the parallel port's io lines with an 8255.

23-May-99 The father of the PICmicro Printer Port Programmers, David Tait announced the removal of his pages. With his permission, DonTronics has removed his E-Mail contact, and faithfully re-produced his PICmicro pages in full. This means, all pictures, links, and files.
David Tait's PIC links   David Tait's Programmer Software Variants.

ATMEL AT89S8252 SimmStick Packs. Low cost 40 pin, UART, 8K flash micro with 8051 core.

Atmel Programmer Kit: DIY Kit 121. Atmel 89Cx051 Programmer

DT105** ATMEL AVR 90s2333/4433 28-pin DIP  (** Suggested Design)

DT206 Update.  AT89C4051 Programming possible?? Feedback please.

SimmStick Student Projects. Includes Interfacing an LCD to a computer parallel port and interfacing switches and leds to computer parallel port.

The DonTronics Dealers Launch the SimmStick Contest99 with $500USD as the first prize.

PIPEX New low price on Printer Port Interface Board. Run out special.

Third Party Hardware Products Referrals.

C and Pascal compilers for PIC and Scenix and PIC code generator

BASCOM-8051 W95/NT 8051-BASIC Compiler BASCOM-LT's Big Brother.

HI-TECH's PICMicro "C" Cross Compiler.

The ITU Technologies PIC-1+ Programmer is now working with the P16PRO Software Package.

I have disabled all of my advertised Auto-responders due to Spam E-Mail. Not only do they generate unwanted E-Mail to me, they generate unwanted notification of bounced E-Mail, doubling the problem. Sorry, another service destroyed by spam.

UserMode Parallel Port Direct IO Driver Development Pack for NT 4.0 by ZeeCube.

PIC'n Techniques Book is an intermediate level applications guide covering Microchip Technology's PIC microcontrollers. The book describes the unique features of the 8-pin microcontrollers

Kit 121. Atmel 89Cx051 Programmer No special software required other than a terminal emulation program. In Windows these terminal programs come with it: Terminal (W3.11) or Hyperterminal (W95/98). Can be used on any computer and operating system. This kit includes the on board firmware chip. Runs off the serial RS-232 port of any PC.
This price includes world wide postage. $53USD k121.pdf Documentation

68000 Cross Development Toolset by LADSoft Computers

CyberCircuit Plus by PTM.  New Low Price  $39USD

FLOATING POINT Serial Math Co-processor For Small Embedded Controllers.

SLI-OEM Serial LCD Interface.
LCD Types Supported:
    One line LCDs: 1x 8, 10, 16, 20, 24, 30, 32 and 40
    Two line LCDs with scrolling: 2x 8, 10, 16, 20, 24, 30, 32 and 40
    Four line by 20 LCDs with scrolling
LCD Connectors: 1 x 16 (1 x 14 with two pins to support backlighting) and 2 x 8 (2 x 7 with two pins to support backlighting). Serial Input Speeds Supported: 110, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 and 19,200 bps

Serial PIC Programmer. The price includes world wide postage.
This 8, 18, 28 & 40 pin PICmicro programmer Kit runs off the Serial RS-232 Port of a PC,  programs the PIC16C54, PIC16C55, PIC16C56, PIC16C57, and the PIC16C58, as well as all other PICmicro chips in the PIC16PRO range. It includes a programmed chip, and no software registration is required.

$22USD DIY Serial PIC Programmer.
This 8, and 18 pin PICmicro programmer Kit runs off the Parallel Printer Port of a PC and the price includes world wide postage.

Australian Electronics Web Ring Home page Initial Launch 17-Nov-98. Operational 15-Dec-98

P16PRO PICmicro Programmer Software Registration by Bojan Dobaj. 27-Oct-98

$25USD DIY Serial PIC Programmer.
This 8, 18, 28 & 40 pin PICmicro programmer Kit runs off the Parallel Printer Port of a PC and the price includes world wide postage. 12-Oct-98

DT206.html DT206 AT89C2051 and SPI Flash Programmer. Mates with DT004 board. Now available.

Basic Stamp Divided By Four! by Antti Lukats of Sistudio. 14-Sep-98

AVR AT90S8515 getting started code. by David VanHorn 4-Sep-98

IDE51-C : C compiler for 8051 with IDE and SLD (for Windows95) 3-Sep-98

There is now a support group for microEngineering Labs Picbasic:
To subscribe to the PIC BASIC mail list send a message to
and in the message put
subscribe piclist-l@qunos.net

X-Programmer: Atmel Microcontroller SPI Programmer. available now. 27-Aug-98

DT004 SimmStick Power Supply and Parallel Printer Port. Available now 27-Aug-98.

The DT111 Simmstick is simply a DT101 Simmstick with an extra 1" of prototype area that makes it into a 2" Simmstick. The Schematic and overlay are the same except for this additional 1 inch of prototype area. It appears users are interested in a board such as this, so we produced it. Pricing is the same as all other 2" Simmsticks. 13-Apr-98

PIC Source Book/Disk by Scott Edwards Electronics. Free public release. 3-Apr-98

PicBasic Pro Compiler. PicBasic's big brother.

Don's Download Dungeon. This is a collection of Commercial and free or shareware files associated with the development of MicroController Systems. All Files can be downloaded from the DonTronics site. Installed 24-Nov-97

EPROM Emulator, RS-232 driven. Free design and Shareware.

DT103. Atmel AVR and non-AVR 40 pin Micros on a SimmStick platform. Available and shipping 6-Sep-97.

BASCOM LT AT89x051 BASIC Compiler. Commercial package available for download.

PIC'n Up The Pace Book. PIC'n Up The Pace gives the reader the tools to design and build intermediate level microcontroller-based instrumentation and systems. Another Square One Electronics Publication. Air Mail shipping world wide.

PicNPoke Multimedia 16C84 Simulator, Assembler and Binary Tutorial for the beginner by Tony Nixon.

International Insurance rates are now added to all orders. This represents $5AUD for orders over $100AUD, $7AUD for $200AUD, etc. Below $100AUD value isn't insured unless requested.

Free Local And International Air Mail Postage. on Printed Circuit Boards. Conditions Apply.

DT003 SimmStick Power Supply and Comms. Available and shipping 9-May-97.
DT101. A PicStic like device with versions 1, 2, and 3. Available and shipping 22-May-97.
DT203. 24 LEDs and 4/8 Switches. Available and shipping 30-May-97
DT204. Slot Extender, Signal Isolator, R/A, L/A. Available and shipping 10-Jun-97
DT205. 4 Relay card. Available and shipping 10-Jun-97

DT104. Atmel AVR and non-AVR 20 pin Micros on a SimmStick platform. Available and shipping 29-Jul-97. Use a pair of them to make an RS-232 AVR 1200 programmer. Software free.
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