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Secure Encrypted Credit Card orders
Check or money order in foreign funds.
International Funds Transfer and Proforma Invoices.
Alternative Methods of sending Credit Card Numbers
Is the Internet safe for Credit Card Orders???
Sending Cash

Many prices are given in Australian Dollars (AUD), and may be referenced to US Dollars (USD). Currently, if you multiply the AUD by .64 to .66 (64 to 66%) , you will have the approximate USD equivalent.
You can also check The Universal Currency Converter for the current exchange rate.

International VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Australian BankCard accepted.[Visa][MasterCard][BankCard]

You must send a message to Dontronics for all Secure orders, and SORRY, but an Email alias from one of the large Web companies providing these services, such as you@usa.net, us@geocities.com, or me@mailcity.com isn't acceptable and your order won't be processed until you send us your correct email address. If you have purchased from Dontronics in the past and we have your Credit Card details, then these Email alias addresses are accepted.


Secure Encrypted Credit Card Orders.

You have read it all before. You just want to do a General Order via the Secure Facilities. Please don't use this General Order Form for Book, File, or WWW Deals as there are forms available for these specific products.

 And I am now adding custom forms for specific Secure Credit Card orders such as:

The Secure Credit Card Encryption used is designed by Netscape, and supported by Netscape, Microsoft, and SSL Browsers.

When you fetch the Credit Card Secure Entry Form, your Browser will tell you that you are in "secure transaction" mode by showing indicators on your Web Browser. This is the solid blue line across the top, and the "Key" at the bottom left hand corner for Netscape Browsers, and the "Lock" symbol on Microsoft Explorer. Try it! You can exit, or hit the "back" button before submitting the form at anytime.

A healthy exchange of E-Mail messages helps build confidence in both directions, so could you please submit your your E-Mail order to don@dontronics.com and Fetch the Form that allows you to transmit to us the Secure Credit Card details. This can be done in any order. There is also provision to send an order or large message with the Secure Credit Card Details.

For more information on the Credit Card Security System used by DonTronics, check out http://prowebsite.com/secure/sserver.html
Links can be found here to quite a large explanation of the encryption methods used.

Print order.html. This is a ready made order form for you if you don't like sending in a Secure Order. This can be posted or faxed to us. If you are on the 'net' you probably have a modem/fax anyway.

Check or money order in foreign funds.
Please don't send a cheque (check) or money order in foreign funds. It will cost us from $5 to $8 to transfer to Australian currency. We then have to wait several weeks for it to clear.
Sorry, any future checks or Money Orders in foreign funds will be "Returned To Sender".

International Funds Transfer and Proforma Invoices.

International Funds Transfer:
We can give you our bank details for funds transfer, however customers sometimes continue to make this task very difficult for us in as much as they may take 3 months to transfer the funds, insist on fax communications and not E-mail, and rarely send in the requested Australian Dollar currency, we must pay additional fees not only for the International transfer, but also for the currency exchange. Sometimes this involves many International Faxes. It also means checking for a deposit on a daily basis until the funds are received.
Additional FEE for International Funds Transfer is $20USD

Proforma Invoice:
A faxed Proforma Invoice contains Our Company Name, Address,  Phone and Fax Numbers, Company Logo, Your Name/Company Name, Date,  Listed Item(s) purchased with corresponding prices, postage, and all additional banking fees.
Additional FEE for Proforma Invoice including International Funds Transfer is $40USD 

If you think these fees rather high, take into account the time that is spent trying to handle these transactions and invoices. As one in three file or key orders results in a no-sale, DonTronics has no option but to attempt to turn every sale into a profit transaction.

We would much prefer if you simply gave us your credit card details.

Alternatives for sending your credit card numbers.

If you wish, send us all your credit card details minus the last group of digits in one E-Mail message, and in another message, just send the final group of numbers and no other details. We can then acknowledge receipt of all digits. Please let us know how many digits there are on your card. They could range from 12 to 16. These are usually in 4 groups and may have 3 or 4 numbers in each group. About the only persons who could intercept both messages and all numbers would be Dontronics, and our service provider. Don't forget to send your expiry date...

Or you can fill out the secure order form, but put "xxxx-xxxx" instead of the last 8 numbers of the card, then send a follow up email with the correct 8 digits. This is becoming a very popular method of sending these digits.

Or send half on the form, and half in a fax.

My main problem with fax, is getting it all back onto a computer system, so I can send your name/address/email details to suppliers and packers, or for my own data base. Some of the bad copy I gets means that the order will never be processed, as I have no email contact to verify anything.

Is the Internet safe for Credit Card Orders???
Think about it. Even an Internet email message is safer than a phone call.

A fax could sit overnight in a bin with your full details on it. You wouldn't sign a blank check and sit it on an unattended office desk would you?

They all end up in the big bad data base, after passing through the hands of sales staff, accounting staff, stores staff, and packaging staff. Did I miss anyone? Managers, Consultants, Candle Stick Makers?

There is hardly a person working today that doesn't have access to valid credit card numbers and expiry dates.

That's all you need. You don't need a name, address, or anything else.

The problem isn't the means of transmission of the CC# encrypted or not, it's what takes place at the end of the line that counts.

A healthy exchange of messages between us also promotes a little confidence in both directions. You know we are contact able, and we know you are using an E-mail address that we can contact you on if there is a problem.

Australians can also send a Cheque, money order, or the transaction can be done COD.

Use my NEW easy Credit plan! 100% down, nothing to pay each month.

Most International orders take 8 to 14 days for delivery. Some countries may take longer.

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All overseas orders returned by First Class Air Mail unless otherwise specified.
    Three Postal Groups:
  1. Letter size: Free Local and International Air Mail. If you are ordering small Printed circuit boards on their own, and the package consists of just the board(s), we can post these off as a standard letter. If you can get all of your files from our internet site, then you are in this category. Minimal purchase value $20AUD.

  3. Large letter or small package up to 500 grams: $3AUD within Australia, $7AUD for International orders. This is our most common standard charge for local postage. Large letter or small package size means 1, 2, or 3 small PCB's and/or 1 or 2 small components/chips. Total weight will be less than 500 grams.
  4. We must complete and attach a customs form for this and the next group for International orders.

  5. Anything bigger than a large letter or small package. Unless otherwise specified, additional charges will be added to all orders to cover full postal costs.

  6. Example: A 1Kg package costs $12AUD.
To help boost your confidence level, DonTronics has operated from the same address for 26 years.
Insurance costs are added to all International Orders that are valued at $100AUD or above. See Insurance rates below.

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International Package Insurance:
Because of several recent lost packages, we now insure all packages over $100AUD. Don't be too alarmed. Although the postal rates aren't great from Australia, we feel Insurance is good value. The going rate Insurance fee is $3AUD plus $2AUD per $100AUD, or part thereof, so a $100 package would be $5 Insurance. $200 is $7, $300 is $9 and so on.

 $1000 would be $23, and the top value on Australian Postal Insurance is $5000 which comes out at $103 Insurance fee.

 Below $100AUD value isn't insured unless requested.

Australian Package Insurance:
We generally don't concern ourselves unless the value is above $250AUD, however for the small cost, we usually include it at no charge.

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Discounts for Quantities:

NOTE **** 
This is only for Quantities of the same product. Not individual items.

The following Quantity discounts are available:
1   Item  Normal Retail.
5   Items 15% Discount.
10  Items 20% Discount.
100 Items 25% Discount.

         1          5             10             100
         $20        $17 (15%)     $16 (20%)      $15 (25%)
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Custom Duty and Taxes:

IMPORT CUSTOM DUTY becomes your problem. All items are marked "Software, or Electronics Part(s)". In the case of just printed circuit boards,  we don't envisage any CUSTOM problems at all.

Sending Cash:

Sending cash in the mail in US Dollars, or Australian Dollars is fine, but it is at your risk, however we have good success at this, as our P.O. Box is secure. Usually takes about 8 days to get to us from most destinations. Please don't do what one recent customer did, he sent money hidden in a christmas card, but didn't seal the envelope. We still got it intact. :-)
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