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Sorry, this product is now discontined. 5-Mar-98

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    Getting Started with PIC.001

    What Software do I need to use it?
    What Hardware Components are required?
    Do I need a Programmer?


    PIC.001 is a multipurpose Processor Board designed for PIC Microcontrollers from Microchip Inc. Any DIP18 PIC can be fitted on PIC.001 Board, but most interesting is the use of PIC16C84, as this PIC can be electrically erased and re-programmed on-board, eliminating the use of an UV eraser and separete programmer. Another possibility is that PIC.001 Board is fitted with a pre-programmed PIC chip with embedded firmware, like Stamp I interpreter or FED PicBasic Interpreter. In such cases there is no need to re-program the PIC as the user program is in external EEPROM also mounted on PIC.001 Board.

    Software for PIC.001 Board

    Stamp I Compatible SBC

    When PIC.001 is assembled as Stamp I Compatible then the original Stamp Software can be used. Both for PC (DOS) and Macintosh (SoftPC). This Software is free and can be downloaded from various www/ftp sites.

    FED PicBasic Module

    When PIC.001 is assembled as FED PicBasic Module then the original Development Software PICBASDE should be used. It is free and can be downloaded from Forrest Electronic Developments www site.

    Hardware Components

    There are 3 type of circuits that are always required to use a PIC.001 Board All other components are optional and depend on the selected mounting option.

    Microcontroller options
    Oscillator Circuit mounting options
    Reset Circuit mounting options

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