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  • General Features

    The actual features of the PIC.002 Module depend on the mounting option, selection can be made between easy programming (Basic, C-interpreter), speed (PIC Assembly programming) or large memory for program and data storage.

     When the PIC.002 has an on-board interpreter chip, then programs are stored in the external EEPROM memory and executed slowy as all commands are fetched in a serial manner. However Programs may be much larger in size than would be possible when programming the PIC Processor directly.

     If speed is required then assembler or C-compiler can be used write programs for direct execution by the on board PIC processor. Execution speed may be as high as 5 MIPS. An EEPROM can be used for data storage.

     In case of on board Interpreter, PIC.002 can be programmed "in-circuit" using a simple down-load cable or programming adapter. When used as generic PIC16C57 board a "5X" capable PIC Pro-grammer must be used.

     The small Prototyping area makes it possible to mount small designs completly onboard. If the user circutry is larger a general purpose protoboard or special SimmStick protoboards can be used.

     PIC.002 is interchangeable with other SimmStick Processor modules so if you run out of resources using the PIC.002, you can readily install some other SimmStick Processor Module. It doesnt even have to be a PIC, as other Module Boards for other processsors are available as well, all of course pin-compatible so there is no need to build the user circuitry all over when re-placing the processor module.


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