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16-August-2005 Sorry, this product is no longer available.

PIcoServio Controller Including World Wide Postage ($130USD)

GST Free for Residents of Australia as these are shipped from the United States directly to you.

Did you wish there was a controller that could do almost everything?...
Wish no more!

Did you wish there was a controller that could do almost anything?...
Wish no more!

The new Servio was designed with our famous “No compromise” attitude. The result is our flagship product and the most powerful slave controller on the planet.

General Features:

  • Build around the powerful PIC18F452 processor running at only 16 MHz (4 MHz oscillator), along with our proprietary multitasking software, consumes less than 14 mA. (A typical LED consumes about 5-15 mA), This feature alone makes PicoServio ideal for battery operations. 
  • Applications such as industrial control, animatronics, walking pods, mobile robots and ROVs are just to name a few.
  • Servo signals from 750 microseconds to 2200 microseconds (with 1 microsecond resolution) and servo update rates of 40 times/second, guarantees compatibility with all hobby servos (such as Hitech, Futaba, ... etc) even the new digital servos. This is the first controller in its class that can control 20 Servos with 16-bit accuracy and 255 speed settings (i.e. ramping) and have digital and analog I/O built-in.
  • All 28 ports can be configured as digital input or digital output. Digital inputs can be programmed with a "watch value" and monitored 40 times/sec. If the port changes, the master is notified. These inputs can also be programmed with a "debounce" value for keypad monitoring. No more polling for events... 
  • 8 Channel A/D converter with 10-bit resolution. Channels not used as A/D converters, can be configured as digital I/O. 
  • Each A/D channel can also be programmed with maximum and minimum thresholds. When any of these thresholds are exceeded, the master is notified with the new values. 
  • Servio also contains 2 hardware PWM signal generators onboard with direction control and resolutions of up to 10-bits, which in turn, can control 2 H-Bridges (such as our PicoHB) for motor control. Each PWM channel can also be programmed to work as digital I/O or by the addition of a simple R/C filter, converted to 10-bit D/A converters.
  • Very useful commands such as Sweep function allow servos of any multi-legged walkers to walk without assistance from the master. This feature and many more are not found in any other controller on the market. Too many to list here. Read the users manual to get the full story. 
  • Flash upgradeable via the Internet. We will be adding new functionalities as time goes by. This feature allows for upgrades and any bug fixes without hassles. 
  • Built-in brownout and watchdog circuitry insures no software hang-ups and reliable operations.
  • All input and output signals are current limited for protection.
  • High quality gold-plated connectors and mini terminal blocks are standard.
  • Separate quality terminal post power connector for servo power supply.
  • Compact size and feather light. Only 2.5” x 2.5” (63mm x 63mm) weighing only 0.8 ounces (22 grams).
  • Assembled and tested. 
  • Excellent user and technical manual.

Communication features:
  • Built-in popular Multi-drop, Full duplex addressable asynchronous serial communication port insures compatibility with virtually all computers, MCUs and CPUs such as PC/MAC, Basic Stamp, Basicx, Oopic, Atom, Motorola MCUs.. etc.

  • This port supports baud rates of 1200, 2400, 9600, 38400, 57600, 76800 and 115200 bps.
  • When networked, 255 units can be addressed. 
  • Optional RS232 driver board (Pico232 or similar) allows operation with any computer that has an RS232 port.
Programmability features:
  • Software programmable with many configuration and operational commands (growing all the time). No matter what hardware or programming language you use, If you can send serial data, you can command a PicoPic. Just set it and forget it. PicoServio will do the rest
  • Our comprehensive online user and technical manual has over 70 pages and explains all aspects of operation and programming. It is easy to read and very complete with lots of Basic Stamp (BS2) code examples. No "couple of pages of encrypted explanations" you find in other products! 
  • We are working on an ActiveX development package for this unit and will post availabilty here when ready. 

  • The firmware is user upgradeable and we post new ones when new commands are added or there are any bug fixes. 

If you have any additional technical questions on the above device, please contact the designers at the address below:

Product is from 
support at 

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