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Software: Hardware: Software:
Third_Party_Commercial Software
PICmicro "C" Compilers, Basic Compilers. These are disk and manual products.

Third Party Commercial CD-ROM Software:

HI-TECH PICmicro "C" Compiler This is on CD-Rom).

EAGLE Layout Editor powerful and affordable solutions for PCB design, including Schematic Capture, Board Layout, and Autorouter. Freeware and Commercial Versions! Runs on Windows® 9x, Windows NT®, MS-DOS® and Linux®

Third Party Commercial Software Internet Downloaded.
Covers many platforms. 68000, Atmel AVR,  Atmel AT89x051, PICmicro, 8085, NT Parallel Port Driver, and general Electronics. Languages include Basic, "C" and Pascal. No disks, no manuals.

Full ANSI C Compilers Buy any ImageCraft Product mentioned on this page  and get a 10% DonTronics Digital Credit Voucher ICCAVR Standard Version $199USD ICCAVR. Professional Version  Available July 1999 for $499USD

Third Party Software Free or Shareware Internet Downloaded.
This collection includes items exclusive to DonTronics such as the Basic Stamp Divided By Four, which runs a Basic Stamp One work alike in a PICmicro PIC16F84, and the PIC Source Book/Disk by Scott Edwards Electronics. Yes, this is the full on-line version!!!
DonTronics Home Page.  P16PRO Software Registration:
You can Register P16PRO PICmicro software at DonTronics "on-line", using our web based secure Credit Card system for $20USD. The P16PRO software will work under DOS, W3.1 or W9x.
This software will allow you to use most "David Tait" variant programmers to program a very large number of PICmicro devices via the Parallel Printer Port of a PC. Follow the registration link to read the full story.

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We no longer supply disks or paper work with Hardware as DonTronics is now entirely Internet based, and all files, schematics, and overlays are delivered via the Web.

Will change the way people think about Single Chip Micro hardware design.

For PIC 'Newbies' We have attempted to steer you in what we consider the correct direction by providing this one page summary. Print it out, and read over it.

A Tool for breaking new ground. PICmicro

Atmel Micros and Atmel SimmStick
Has been set up for ATMEL products, as SimmStick now supports the Atmel 20 and 40 pin Micros.

A List Server Chat Group is now operating for SimmStick. This currently supports SimmStick other products, such as the DT001 board and the Wirz OEM-SLI product. Announcements will be made via this list.  Have a question on SLI, DT001, or SimmStick? Ask the list for a quick response.

Most "DT" Series boards (including Simmstick) now have PDF Schematics and Overlays.

Some SimmStick Pictures

A Complete Directory of all New DonTronics Printed Circuit Boards.
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PICmicro Programmer Kits:
$22USD DIY KIT-119 Serial PIC Programmer.
This 8, and 18 pin PICmicro programmer Kit runs off the Parallel Printer Port of a PC and the price includes world wide postage.

$25USD DIY KIT-96 Serial PIC Programmer.
This 8, 18, 28 & 40 pin PICmicro programmer Kit runs off the Parallel Printer Port of a PC and the price includes world wide postage.

P16PRO Software Registration for the above two kits.

$85USD DIY KIT-117 KIT. Serial PIC Programmer. The price includes world wide postage.
This 8, 18, 28 & 40 pin PICmicro programmer Kit runs off the Parallel Printer Port of a PC,  programs the PIC16C54, PIC16C55, PIC16C56, PIC16C57, and the PIC16C58, as well as all other PICmicro chips in the PIC16PRO range. It includes a programmed chip, and no software registration is required.

Atmel Programmer Kit:
Kit 121. Atmel 89Cx051 Programmer No special software required other than a terminal emulation program. In Windows these terminal programs come with it: Terminal (W3.11) or Hyperterminal (W95/98). Can be used on any computer and operating system. This kit includes the on board firmware chip. Runs off the serial RS-232 port of any PC.
This price includes world wide postage. $53USD
Pictures, Data, and more info.
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Atmel Programmer:
X-Programmer: Atmel Microcontroller SPI Programmer. A cost effective solution for SPI programming all of the currently available AT89Sxxxx and AT90Sxxxx series devices straight from your serial port using a terminal program. This is not a kit.

SLI-OEM Serial LCD Interface.
SLI-OEM Serial LCD Interface.
LCD Types Supported:
    One line LCDs: 1x 8, 10, 16, 20, 24, 30, 32 and 40
    Two line LCDs with scrolling: 2x 8, 10, 16, 20, 24, 30, 32 and 40
    Four line by 20 LCDs with scrolling
LCD Connectors: 1 x 16 (1 x 14 with two pins to support backlighting) and 2 x 8 (2 x 7 with two pins to support backlighting).
Serial Input Speeds Supported: 110, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 and 19,200 bps
Very cost effective. From wirz.com

Serial Math Co-processor
FLOATING POINT Serial Math Co-processor For Small Embedded Controllers.

MicroController based kits
DonTronics now has available a range of Electronic Kits that are supplied by our good friends at DIY Electronics in Hong Kong. These are all MicroController based kits and are shipped directly from Hong Kong. 
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Expanded Listing of the Third Party Commercial Software Internet Downloaded files:

Third Party Hardware Products Referrals.

These Products aren't shipped or sold by DonTronics directly, however if you have an interest, please contact the supplier by using the email address that is linked to the page in question. If you have any problems at all, please contact DonTronics.


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