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Subject:        Re: cheap Scenix programmer
       Date:     Thu, 14 Jan 1999 01:24:57 -0800
      From:      Ben Stragnell <spare@CODEPUPPIES.COM>
   Reply-To:   pic microcontroller discussion list <PICLIST@MITVMA.MIT.EDU>

> This web site has details of using a PIC programmer, + PIC, to program
> Scenix devices. Anyone tried it?
> http://www.geocities.co.jp/Colosseum/1185/picer2.html
>         jon N


I received this message just after getting my own SX programmer to work.
Had I known there was already one out there...

Oh well - it's been a fun little project anyway, and if it survives a
little more thorough testing over the course of the next few days, I'll
post the circuit/code I'm using on the web - after all, you can never
have too many free programmers (or can you?).

My programmer also uses a PIC (16C84/16F84) to handle the SX comms side,
and plugs into any standard PC parallel port. It uses fewer components
than the one mentioned above, but that may well be due to my lack of
knowledge about where to stick resistors in... :(

Still, it's about 1/20th of the cost of an SX-key.


Subject:           The Scenix Chip
     Date:          Sat, 2 Jan 1999 08:46:16 +0000
     From          Alexey Vladimirov <avlad@MAILBOX.RIGA.LV>
 Reply-To:       pic microcontroller discussion list <PICLIST@MITVMA.MIT.EDU>
Hello Keith!

30 Dec 98, Keith Causey writes to All:

 P>     I just downloaded the file"sxdefs.inc" from the Scenix site
 P> http://www.svtehs.com/scenix.htm
 P> and I was wondering if I could use this with MPLAB to compile code for
 P> the Scenix chips. If so, how?

Add this as include file for your project instead of PICxxx.INC you have
already. You can use it with MPASM assembler or with it's free substitution
GPASM, not with MPLAB - simulator in MPLAB will not support SX chips.

30 Dec 98, Jim Robertson writes to All:

 P> If memory serves, the scenix chip is not object compatible with the
 P> PIC.

SX chips IS object code compatible with PIC16C5X. You can take HEX file for
16C5X and program this file into SX, only SX fuses should be set into
compatible mode. In this case you will have same program in same project
running same way, as on the PIC - example is Basic Stamp IISX. However, in most
cases SX chips used in turbo mode with one command per clock instead of one
command per four clocks as for PIC.

 P> If this is the case then I don't see how you can use MPLAB as it is
 P> such a "closed shop." You cannot import editors or other non microchip
 P> santioned compilers or programmers etc into MPLAB.

Right. MPLAB will not support SX extended commands and turbo mode. For software
simulation you can choose one of already existing free simulators or
get full IDE, include full-speed (till 130 MHz) in-circuit emulator, assembler,
simulator, editor from PARALLAX.


It has been a thought to discontinue the PIC002 Simmstick, and produce a new Simmstick that will support .3" and .6" PIC16C55/57 parts, with serial EEPROM configured for both the BS-II and FED Basic configurations, (same as before) and include any new circuitry required for the 28 pin Scenix micros.

Feedback as to what should/must  be added would be very much appreciated from any interested party.
In fact, any feedback would be appreciated on this subject.

Please Note **** This is just a little market research at the moment. Any eventual product may be some time before it appears.

Re: Start programming for the Scenix! Basic Stamp III

From: Dean <deanz@SINESURF.CO.NZ>
Subject: Re: Start programming for the Scenix! Basic Stamp III
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 14:19:35 +1300

Next Article (by Date): Re: Start programming for the Scenix! Basic Stamp III Dean
Previous Article (by Date): Re: Available Books on Pics Kam Bansal
Next in Thread: Re: Start programming for the Scenix! Basic Stamp III Dean
Articles sorted by: [Date] [Author] [Subject]

These messages were sent to the STAMP List from Parallax Tech Support.
I don't know any more than the following but the STAMP III sounds good,
it's finished.

Scenix is ramping up their production of SX chips.

Chip is finishing up the emulation side of the SX-Key,
and will soon return to work on the SX Basic Compiler.
(The SX-Key is our new programmer/emulator for the SX.)

Jeff is:        Writing the SX-Key manual.
                Rewriting the Basic Stamp Manuals
                Updating the web page (constantly it seems).
                Answering a plethora of tech-calls and email.
                On an endless search for the 'lost fonts'.
                A lot of other stuff I have lost track of.

John (me):      Revising the SX Data Book
                Writing the SX Demo Board source code.
                Laying out the Basic Stamp III (yes, it IS real!)
                Preparing several articles re- said SX for whom I can't remember.
                Getting ready for a trade show in Germany next month.
                Answering a plethora of tech-calls and email.

Ken:            is so busy we've lost track of exactly what he is doing.
                (Picture Scooby-Doo going four directions simultaneously.)

Russ:           Is creating a automated programmer for the SX. Sometimes he
                has three machines running at once. Sparks flying, grinding,
                and all sorts of industrial noise emanating from our small
                machine shop in the back.

The support staff is busy supporting engineering. And the sales people
are getting ready for the rather large call volumes expected, (which has
already begin I should say).

That's what's going on here. We are all putting in about %150 of an 8 hour
day each day. Please be patient with Jeff and I for the next month or so as
we finish up some of our secondary duties. I promise we will announce new
stuff on this list as it becomes available. Thanks for everything.

 >1) I thought Basic Stamp III was transmutated into the SX key!? If they
 >two different products, can you _hint_ on features, intended users and
 >similar stuff?

 The BS-III will have the same footprint and form factor as the BS-II.
 It will run compiled basic, assembler, or any combination thereof.
 You will need an SX-Key to program it.
 It will be very, very fast.

 >2) Will any of those two be programmable with a Mac?

 Since the SX-Key software is a Win95 app, I'd imagine you could run it
 in a SoftWin type environment.

 >3) I think you should send your posting to the PIClist too. Those guys
 >a bit pessimistic...

 I guess that's just one more difference between PIC'ers and STAMP'ers.

 John Barrowman
 Parallax Tech Support

Subject: Scenix SX programming specs available!
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 02:21:13 -0000
From: Eric Smith eric@BROUHAHA.COM
Reply-To: pic microcontroller discussion list PICLIST@MITVMA.MIT.EDU

Some of you probably recall that I have been unhappy about the lack of
development tools for the Scenix SX processor (a much-improved replacement
for the Microchip 16C5x) on operating systems other than Windows 95.
Specifically, I wanted to use Linux, or MS-DOS.

While there aren't yet any such tools available, it's now much more likely
that they will be available soon, because...

Scenix has published the SX programming specs on their web site, for both
the serial and parallel programming modes!!!  These specs were formerly
available only under NDA.  Thank you, Scenix!  While I think the Parallax
SX-Key is a nice product, it will be great to have other choices, both
commercial and non-commercial.

Apparently they are considering also publishing the specifications for the
in-circuit debugging capability.


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