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SIMM101 Price: ($36USD)
This is an assembled and tested unit, not a kit!


SimmStickTM Compatible
(DT104 Compatible)



SIMM101 is an embedded microcontroller board built upon the SimmStick standard with surface mounted technique to get a small layout with only the core functions of a Microcontroller (AT90S2313) with minimal peripherals (Reset, RS232 Tranceivers and Power) and to leave a big sea of holes for your own prototyping.

Further more the SIMM101 is backwards compatible with the DT104 from Dontronics (wires from microcontroller to SimmStick bus and the RS232 signals), so it is easy to migrate to the new SMD technology. To program the SIMM101 is easy, since it support ISP (In System Programming) via the SimmStick bus and a good programming platform is the DT006 board.

Finally the SIMM101 can be powered with either +5VDC or 7-18VDC since there is an on board voltage regulator (5V/100mA) that can be enabled via a 2mm jumper (J1 is OPEN from factory i.e. 5VDC Power supply).

  • Atmel AVR type AT90S2313 running at 10Mhz (=10MIPS).
  • RS232 Tranceiver type Maxim MAX202CSE.
  • Reset/Powerup through a Maxim MAX825M.
  • 78L05 Voltage regulator (5V/100mA).
  • Selectable voltage range (either +5VDC via pin 7 or 7-18VDC via pin 4).
  • One SMD 0805 red LED for general purpose usage.
  • Large prototyping area.
  • SimmStick compatible design on an 1" board.
  • Backwards compatible with DT104 from Dontronics.
  • Low weight due to SMD.


The SIMM101 is completly assembled, tested and comes with a pre-programmed software written in BASCOM-AVR. This software blinks the red general purpose LED and prints out "SIMM101 by LAWICEL/SWEDEN" on the RS232 using 9600baud.

The reason for this pre-programmed software is for you to test that the board is working properly when it arrives to you, so you don’t have to spend time trouble shooting a broken board or a faulty programmer etc. when you try to program it first time. You simply power it up and if LED blinks you know the board is working properly and you could start making your own software.

Each board has been programmed at the factory and has been test run for at least 1 hour prior to package, this to make the initial burn-in test so we know all works.

Click on the Schematics to enlarge

IC1 Atmel AT902313-10SC, 20pin SOIC
IC2 Maxim MAX202CSE, 16pin SOIC
IC3 Maxim MAX825M, SOT23
VR1 78L05, 8pin SOIC
XTAL1 Low profile 10Mhz
J1 2mm jumper
C1-C2 27pF, 0805 size
C3-C9 100nF, 0805 size
R1 1kOhm, 0805 size
LD1 Red LED, 0805 size

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The jumper J1 is OPEN from factory, meaning the SIMM101 can only be supplied with +5VDC on pin 7 of the SimmStick bus (from e.g. the DT006). If the jumper J1 is closed you may not supply it with +5VDC, instead 7-18VDC on pin 4 of the SimmStick buss.

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