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DonTronics is proud to announce a new version of the very popular Wirz Electronics Serial LCD Interface. SLI-OEM is the most cost effective Serial LCD's available, making it the ideal choice for the OEM. Install the LCD of your choice, or Wirz Electronics can provide custom units built to your specifications.
LCD Types Supported: LCD Connectors: 1 x 16 (1 x 14 with two pins to support backlighting) and 2 x 8 (2 x 7 with two pins to support backlighting).

Serial Input Speeds Supported: 110, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 and 19,200 bps

Sixteen byte character buffer.

The same interface to LCD functions as the original SLI.

LCD type and data rates are specified by eight DIP switches.

This new product SLI-OEM is from Wirz Electronics and can be seen in more detail at http://www.wirz.com/sli-oem/index.html

SLI-OEM PCB: assembled and tested:
This is shipped from Australia by DonTronics and the total cost of the assembled unit is is $25USD.
This price includes world wide Air Mail postage. This item is that small, it can be sent in an Air Mail letter with the unit inside a small padded bag.

The amount charged to your credit card is the current exchange rate rounded up to the nearest Australian Dollar.

Sorry, I only stock a small amount of 2 by 16 Line LCD displays to suit the SLI-OEM. These are standard (no-backlighting) displays.

These suit the above SLI-OEM Unit:
LCD2x16: Includes a set of 14 pin Male/Female pins to suit the SLI-OEM product. $13USD.
Add $2USD postage for Australia, and $5USD for International.

All Data for this product is available at wirz.com, as DonTronics only supplies the hardware. 

Please Note **** 22-Nov-98
The original product is now discontinued, but there is a small number of  the original SLI PIC Chips available at $13USD each until sold out.
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