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This site is a mirror of a section of the Victorian University Electronics Intranet, and presented with their permission. Classes are run by Peter Averill out at Victoria University TAFE, at Sunshine, Vic. Australia.
The page covers Atmel/SimmStick student projects, and other items.

DonTronics Pages Duplicated:
DonTronics goes to great lengths to provide new and interesting material for visitors. It has been found in recent months that other Webmasters are duplicating material that has already been presented by DonTronics. This may be with, or without the permission of the original Author. If you see a copy of these files or pages, you will know DonTronics was responsible for the initial  release, and the others are simply copies. It would be nice if Webmasters did their own ground work, and put in the time to get new material, and not benefit from the time and effort that DonTronics has already invested to make this a better site.
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