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Interfacing switches and leds to computer parallel port.

It is possible to use the same hardware used to interface an AT89C2051 micro-controller to switches and leds to interface them to a computer via the parallel port.

Photo showing switches and leds interfaced to a computer parallel port using a DT004 & DT203.

Switches and leds interfaced using the sample program below. The keyboard character enter is a '1', there the binary as shown by the leds is '10001100' LSB to MSB.

Sample 8088 program to drive leds and read a switch.

;Written by Peter Averill 13-5-1999
;Sample program to output the ascii value of a key pressed at the
;k/b in binary on leds connected to a parallel port.  The program
;will continue in a loop until a switch connected to the ACK line
;on the parallel port is pressed. Tested using a Dontronics DT004
;& DT203 boards (see photo).  The top left push button switch is
;connected to the ACK line.  This is D8 on the Simmbus.  There are
;5 inputs on the status port of the parallel port (base address + 1)
;that can be wired to switches.  In the example I have only connected
;the one switch.
;Because DOS waits for a key to be pressed, to exit the program
;you need to press the switch connected to the ACK line and press
;a key on the keyboard.  The ACK line can also be used to generate
;an interrupt.

port    equ     0278h   ;lptx base address
ack_active equ  03fh

.model  small

.stack  20h



main    proc    far

        push    ds          ;Push DS onto stack
        sub     ax,ax       ;Push zero offset
        push    ax          ;  onto stack
        mov     ax,_data    ;setup
        mov     ds,ax       ;data segment address

top:    call    get_key
        mov     dx,port
        out     dx,al
        inc     dx
        in      al,dx
        cmp     al,ack_active
        jne     top

        ret                 ;Return to DOS

main    endp


get_key proc    near
        mov     ah,01
        int     21h
get_key endp


        end     main

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