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Atmel AT89C2051 Target boards

Depending on the project you choose to submit for this module the requirements of your target board will vary. The following are some examples of target boards that can be used with a mother board for development purposes. When the development is completed the board could be moved to some appropriate case etc.

This target board is a DT104. It is populated with the minimum number of components to operate. As can be seen in the photo it can be used in conjunction with a DT004 board to drive a LCD display. In this minimum configuration there is no RS232 level translation or support for serial eeproms.

This target board is also a DT104, however this time it is nearly fully populated. There is a Max232 fitted for RS232 level translation, therefore the 2051 can communicate with a terminal program running on a PC. For a terminal program you can use Windows Hyper terminal or I have supplied a DOS based 9600 baud terminal program with the 2051 programmer software. There is also a 24LC16 serial eeprom fitted to the board. A LM78L05 regulator provides power for the board. In the top right hand prototype corner of the board you can see that I have fitted a ADC0831 adc and a LM335Z temperature sensor. The wiring for these components is jumpered on the back of the board. In this configuration this target board could easily be programmed as a data logger, where it could be set running to take timed temperature measurements and store them in the eeprom (2K could be stored). Some time later the board could be connected to a PC via the RS232 connector to download the temperatures. There is no RS232 cable connected to the board but this could easily be done, or the connection could be taken off the mother board that the DT104 can be plugged into. This is the method I have used (see DT004 Simmbus development board).

Photo showing jumpers to connect the ADC to the 2051.

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