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A few Tote Pictures from Graeme Twycross.

Pictures are from the 11/34 and 11/40 Computer Vans.

Inside 11/34 Computer Van, RMO2 80MB 5 Platter disk Drive, video distribution system

RXO2 "Floppy Disk drive" looking towards the Systems Engineers Consoles.

Flemington Racecourse, Tote Mobile and the 11/40 Computer Van.

Inside 11/40 Computer Van, showing BCU (for indicators), RKO5 Disk Drive and scanners at the end for the terminals

Inside 11/34 Computer Van Raceday Control area.

11/34 Van Cranbourne November 1982

11/34 Van Mornington Racecourse December 1982

Plugs to connect the terminals to the 11/40 Computer Van

Flemington Racecourse March 1978