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A few stories and history of my early years as a Mechanic, on the old ATL Melbourne Tote (Australia Circa 1976+)
By Don McKenzie My Early Tote Years - 1976-1988 | Industry Links | Acknowledgements | Julius History | A Few Stories | Betting Terminals in search of a good home

This is just a quick and dirty log file, as my jottings can be months apart, I'll add any new major sections or additions to this log file, so that new data and information can be readily tracked.

24-May-2010  Bob Doran Email
19-June-2010 Echuca and the Race change
30-January-2011 Cliff Ellen Email
5-February-2011 Graeme Twycross Email
5-February-2011 Graeme Twycross Tote Van Pictures
6-February-2011 Mick Gulovsen Email and Picture
6-February-2011 Arnna and the code barrel
7-February-2011 Doubles Betting Comes to Melbourne by Peter Collier
27-February-2011 BBQ at Cro's place
16-March-2011 Chris Roberston Email
18-March-2011 Chris Roberston Email
19-March-2011 Ros Dyer Email
22-March-2011 Peter Collier Email
4-July-2011 Queensland Racing Interview on totalisator history conducted in the Eagle Farm Racing Museum. You Tube Video.
12-Jan-2012 Ron Parkinson Email
12-February-2012 Peter Nelson
27-February-2012 Elliott Roper
Kingsley Bruce 9-May-2012