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A few stories and TABLOID ATL Staff Photos 1989-1990
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The photos below have been taken after ATL staff were migrated across to the Victorian TAB, (Now TABcorp) however all of the tote staff pictured are of ex-ATL people.

TABLOID December-1990

TABLOID December-1989

Mary Ellen (below right) got the "n" clipped off the end of her surname in this picture.
(No sooner I posted this little story, and Mick Gulovsen dived in and created a new picture, with the missing "n", thanks Mick)

TABLOID July-1990

Silver for Sandown

Sandown racecourse celebrated its 25th Anniversary on June 23.  All staff who worked at the first Sandown meeting were presented with a TAB pen and the VATC gave each of the operators a bottle of champagne.

Staff pictured with VATC Racing Administrator Ron Snell, (second from right) and TAB General Manager Neil Walker. (Right)
From Left to right: Pat Randle, Loretta Austin, Nola Tennant, Mary Ellen, John Wheeler, Kath Wheeler.

25 years and they're still going strong! Staff who worked at the first Sandown meeting at the presentation to commemorate Sandown's Silver Anniversary.