Hardware Related Books on IBM Computers.
May -98: TOP 50 Requested Titles.

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Title Author
1. Troubleshooting Your PC, with CD-ROM, 3rd ed. Jim Aspinwall
2. Peter Norton's Inside the PC, 7th Ed. John Goodman
3. Build Your Own Pentium II PC Aubrey Pilgrim
4. PalmPilot Companion Steven M Schafer
5. Upgrade and Maintain Your PC, 2nd ed. James Karney
6. PC is Not a Typewriter; A Style Manual for Creating Professional-Level Type on Your Personal Com Robin Williams
7. In Search of Clusters 2nd ed. Gregory F Pfister
8. Awe 32; The Musicians' Guide, with CDROM Gary Parker Chapin
9. Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide, with 2 CD's, 7th ed. Mark Minasi
10. The Undocumented PC; A Programmer's Guide to I/O, CPUs, and Fixed Memory Areas, with Disk, 2nd ed. Gilluwe Frank Van
11. Upgrading and Maintaining Your PC 4th ed. H Veddeler
12. PC Magazine Guide to Upgrading PCs, with Disk Dale Lewallen
13. The Indispensable PC Hardware Book; Your Hardware Questions Answered, 3rd ed. Hans-Peter Messmer
14. Parallel Port Complete; Programming, Interfacing, and Using the PC's Parallel Printer Port Janet Louise Axelson
15. Starter Kit for the AS/400; 33 Fundamental Concepts 2nd ed. Wayne Madden
16. Navigating the AS/400 2nd ed. John Enck
17. Programming the Parallel Port; Interface the PC for Data Acquistion and Process Control Dhananjay V Gadre
18. Peter Norton's Inside the PC 6th ed. Scott Clark
19. PC Intern, with CD-ROM, 6th ed. Michael Tischer
20. Exploring IBM AS/400 Computing Jim Hoskins
21. AS/400; System, Utilities, Database, and Programming George Lin
22. Mastering the AS/400; A Practical Hands-On Guide Jerry Fottral
23. PowerPC Architecture; A Specification for a New Family of RISC Processors 2nd ed. Ibm
24. How to Fix Up and Rev Up Your PC Ron White
25. Build Your Own Pentium Processor PC and Save a Bundle, 2nd ed. Aubrey Pilgrim
26. The Programmer's Guide to the AS/400 Robert W Janson
27. The Winn L. Rosch Hardware Bible, 3rd ed. Winn Rosch
28. The Indispensable PC Hardware Book; Your Hardware Questions Answered Hans-Peter Messmer
29. The Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide, with 2 CDs Mark Minasi
30. The Indispensable PC Hardware Book; Your Hardware Questions Answered 2nd ed. Hans-Peter Messmer
31. Upgrade Your Own PC Linda Rohrbough
32. IBM's 360 and Early 370 Systems Emerson W Pugh
33. PC 97 Hardware Design Guide; With CD Press Microsoft
34. Complete Idiots Guide to PCs, with CD-ROM, 4th ed. Joe Kraynak
35. Upgrade and Repair Your PC on a Shoestring Budget Wayne N Kawamoto
36. ISPF/REXX Development for Experienced Programmers Lou Marco
37. PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide: With 2 CD-ROMs-Boxed Mark Minasi
38. Irq, Dma, and; Resolving and Preventing PC System Conflicts Jim Aspinwall
39. Easy PC Maintenance and Repair 2nd ed. Phillip Laplante
40. The Personal Computer from the Inside Out; The Programmer's Guide to Low-Level PC Hardware and Softw Murray Sargent
41. Troubleshooting Your PC, 2nd ed. Jim Aspinwall
42. Using the AS/400; An Introduction Patrice Gaspen
43. AS/400--Concepts and Facilities 2nd ed. Tony Bartz
44. Peter Norton's PC Problem Solver, Special Edition; Completely Updated For DOS 6 Peter Norton
45. IBM RISC System/6000; A Business Perspective 6th ed. Jim Hoskins
46. Surviving the Design of a 200 MHz RISC Microprocessor; Lessons Learned Veljko Milutinovic
47. Exploring IBM RS/6000 Computers, 8th Ed.; Become an Instant Insider on IBM's UNIX Workstations  Jim Hoskins
48. Exploring IBM's Personal Computers; The Instant Insider's Guide to PC Systems, Software, and Bus Jim Hoskins
49. Power and PowerPC; Principles, Architecture, Implementation Shlomo Weiss
50. Compute!'s Mapping the IBM PC and Pcjr Books Compute
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