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Check Products for software prices and other hardware items not listed here.

Hardware items listed on this page are in Australian Dollars (AUD) unless specified in US Dollars.
When ordering a long list of components, please send an email list instead of trying to fill out the secure form message field, as the message box corrupts the tabular format of the order and makes it very difficult to read. 

SimmStick, Free Local And International Air Mail Postage on Printed Circuit Boards. (Conditions Apply).
SimmStick Development Systems Components have been grouped for the DT001 and DT003 Platforms, and also for the DT101 Simmstick.
SimmStick Connectors and Simm Sockets Male and Female Header pins and sockets.

Price Changes
PIC Micros and EEPROMS:
DT002: Parallel Port Expansion. (Formerly PIPEX)
Relay Boards: Suits DT001, DT002 and PIGMY projects.

A to D converter: ADC-0831CCN
Brownout Reset I.C. for Micros.
Crimp Connectors
Crystals:  32.768KHz to 24Mhz.
DB PCB mount Connectors.
DB Solder tail Connectors
DC Input Plug
Diode Bridges.
IC's Miscellaneous Suitable for DonTronics boards etc.
LCD 2 line by 16 Character.
Real Time Clock for your Micro Project: and some Code to run it.
Relays: To Suit Relay board
Resistor Network
Rubber Feet
Sockets Machine Pin
Switches. 4PDT to suit DT001
Switches. Small PCB Mount.
Test Links.
Voltage Regulators
Z80 Prices:
ZIF Sockets

Odd New and Used Bits:

Price Changes:
All prices advertised are in Australian dollars unless otherwise specified.

Sales Tax is included in these prices. Please contact me for Australian Ex-Tax Prices.

I don't and I never have put together a full kit of parts for any kit.
I'm really not interested in sorting through resistors and capacitors.
I give you the basic building blocks, and you must take it from there.

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A simple A to D converter

National Semiconductor ADC0831 8 bit A/D converter.              $ 10.00
This is the unit featured in the Parallax Stamp and PIC Applications. There are a lot of code examples around for this one.
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Brownout Reset I.C. for Micros.

1 by MN13811-S  Voltage Detector I.C. Open Collector Output.                $  2.00
  Power on Reset for your Micro. This is in a 3 wire TO-92 type
  Case. 4.2V to 4.5V typical detect voltage. Output low reset.
        /   \  Top View: 1 Reset.     (Pins facing away)
       |_____|           2 VDD
        1 2 3            3 Gnd.
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Crimp Connectors

Pair of Female 10 pin IDC crimp headers.                         $  5.00
Pair of Female 34 pin IDC crimp headers. (J2)                    $  5.00 
This price also includes the male pins to suit. 
These will need to be trimmed to length.
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A Variety of Micro Crystals:

32.768KHz Crystals with 6pf load capacitance.                    $  3.00
This is for the DS-1202, DS-1302, and the DS-1307.

32.768KHz Crystals with 12pf load capacitance.                   $  3.00
For the NJU6355

And for Micros:
4Mhz    Crystal.                                                 $  3.00
8Mhz    Crystal.                                                 $  3.00
10Mhz   Crystal.                                                 $  3.00
11.0592 Crystal.                                                 $  3.00
16Mhz   Crystal.                                                 $  3.00
20Mhz   Crystal.                                                 $  3.00
24Mhz   Crystal.                                                 $  3.00
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DB type PCB mount connectors.

DB-25 PCB Mount, Right Angle Male connector.                     $  3.00
DB-9  PCB Mount, Right Angle Female connector.                   $  3.00
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DB type solder tail connectors.

DB-25 solder tail connectors. Specify male/female.  (Pack of 2)  $  5.00
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DC Input Plug.

1 by 2.1mm DC Input plug. PCB mount.              (2 pack)        $ 3.00

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Diode Bridge.

WO2 Diode Bridges.                                               $  1.00
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IC's Miscellaneous

1 by 7407                                                        $  3.00
1 by MAX-232 E2 (or equivalent)                                  $  8.00

1 by ULN-2803A                                                   $  5.00
These 8 bit devices can be very hard to get. Drives LEDs and Relays. See DT203 and DT205.
Pinouts and specs.

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LCD 2 line by 16 Character.

HD44780-based 2 line by 16 Character LCD display.                $ 20.00
Set of 14 pin Male/Female pins to suit. (1 by 14 format)         $  2.00
More LCD information  and a Serial Line Interface.
Hook it up to your Serial port direct.
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Real Time Clock for your Micro Project:

These devices are Serial Interfaced Real Time Clock chips.
DS1302 in 8 pin DIP. Dallas-Semi Timekeeper Chip.                $ 10.00
DS1302 Data Sheets.                                              $  2.00
Or get your own Data from http://www.dalsemi.com/DocControl/PDFs/1302.pdf
The DS-1302 has 31 bytes of Ram and trickle charge capability.
Back-up battery or Super Cap easily fitted to pin 1.
Pin compatible with 1202 but has many added features.
Code is available for Basic Stamp 2 and FED Basic.
Requires 32.768KHz Crystal with 6pf load capacitance.
Suitable RTC Crystals: 

NJU6355 JRC Timekeeper Chip.                                     $ 6.00
NJU6355 Data Sheets.                                             $ 2.00
This is the one used by the MicroMint PicStic.
Requires 32.768KHz Crystal with 9pf to 14pf load capacitance recommended.
Suitable RTC Crystals: 

Micromint's PicSticTM Circuits, Overlays, Code, Data Sheets
for the 1, 2, and 3 PicStic. Covers the NJU6355 and has code examples.
Beware *** Micromint keep changing this link.

In the future I may use the DS-1307 Time Keeper chip.
This has the advantage of having 56 bytes of Ram and a square
wave output on 1 pin that is programmed to 1 of 4 settings:
1KHz, 4Khz, 8KHz, and 32Khz.
Requires 32.768KHz Crystal with 12pf load capacitance.
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Relays to suit Relay Board:

Relay-001                                                        $  4.00
Good Sky SPDT 12 Volt Relays. Same pinout as DS Cat P-8008
Coil resistance 400 Ohms. Switching 120VAC @10A, 24VDC @ 10A.

Please Note *** 
The Australian Dick Smith Electronics P-8008 is rated at 3 Amps, 
these are 10 Amps.
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Resistor Network

1 by RN1 10K resistor network. 6 pin device, 1 common pin. Extra holes
  so that a 7 or 8 pin device can be fitted.         (6P5R-10K)  $  1.00
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Rubber Feet.

Four rubber feet.                                                $  2.00
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Sockets Machine Pin.

 8 pin machine pin sockets                                       $  1.00
18 pin machine pin sockets                                       $  2.00
20 pin machine pin sockets                                       $  2.00
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4 Pole Double Throw suitable for DT001:

4PDT Switch                                                      $  8.00
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Switches. Minature PCB mount:

4 Leg Zippy Switch. Fits .3" by .2" pattern. Press on.  (Pack of 4) $  3.00
2 Leg Reset Switch. Fits .3" pattern.                   (Pack of 2) $  1.00
2 by HatKey (These can be seen on the dt203 board.      (Pack of 2) $  2.00
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Test Links.

Test Links. Pack of 10                                           $  3.00
Test Links. Pack of 20                                           $  4.00

These are used to link .1" male posts together, such as the male header pins on the DT001 board.
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Voltage Regulators.

7805 +5V Regulator TO-220 Package (1 Amp)           (Pack of 2)  $ 3.00
1 by Suitable heat sink for above Regulator.                     $ 1.00
78L05 +5V Regulator                                 (Pack of 2)  $ 3.00
78L12 +12 V Regulator                               (Pack of 2)  $ 3.00
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Z80 Prices:
Some old Z80 stuff just to get rid of it. Limited quantity.
Z80A and 3.58Mhz Crystal Special. Both $4
Z80B and 6.14Mhz Crystal Special. Both $6
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ZIF Sockets:  (Prices in USD)
Also read hints.html You should never have to solder a ZIF socket into a board ever again.

18 Pin TEXTOOL                             ~ $25USD Including Air Mail World Wide Postage.
Suits the DT001, and KIT-119 Programmers.

40 Pin Aries (for .3" and .6" chips)      ~$25USD Including Air Mail World Wide Postage.
Suits KIT-96 and KIT-117 Programmers.

Generally, the green Textool sockets are more expensive than the black Aries variety, however as the Aries socket is only manufactured in the US, I must get them flown out to Australia, then flown back to the customer. Sure if you live in the US and care to look around, you can save some money on the DonTronics prices.

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Odd New and Used Bits:

48 by 6116    2K by 8 bit static rams 200ns     $2 each.
70 by 2732    4K by 8 bit EPROM                 $2 each.
Second hand memory chips:-
27128 EPROMS... Slow 400 ns 22 available $1 each.
2716 EPROMS... Thousands available 50 Cents each.
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PIC Micros and EEPROMS:

MicroChip Products:   These are the only ones I have ample stock of.
PIC16F877-20/P 20Mhz                        40 pin DIP           $ 25.00
PIC16F84/04/P  4Mhz                         18 pin DIP.          $ 13.00
PIC16F84/10/P 10Mhz                         18 pin DIP.          $ 15.00

PIC16C57/XT/P                               28 pin DIP.          $ 12.00

PIC16C74/04/P                               40 pin DIP.          $ 17.00

12C508/04/P      4Mhz   8 pin DIP.                   ($20 for 5) $  5.00
Ask for price on larger quantities.
24LC16B/P        2K EEPROM to suit FEDBASIC. 8 pin DIP.          $  5.00
24LC65/P         8K EEPROM to suit FEDBASIC. 8 pin DIP.          $ 10.00

93LC56           256 byte EEPROM. Suits BS-1 8 pin DIP.          $  5.00
24LC16B/P        2K EEPROM. Suits BS-2.      8 pin DIP.          $  5.00
Sorry, I no longer stock any JW (EPROM) parts. You could try in the US: JDR, Digi-key 
In Australia, RTN (See my links), Microzed, Farnell, Radio Spares.
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DT002 (Formerly PIPEX or PPEX):

DT002  Parallel Printer Port EXpansion Board.                    $ 29.00
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Relay Board:

RELAY8           Relay Board to suit DT001, PIGMY and PPEX1.     $ 20.00
Special: Half price $10AUD until sold out. Supports 8 relays.
relay.html Explanation
relayass.html Assembly Instructions
ff.html#relay Circuit/Overlay
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