Hardware Related Books on IBM Computers.
Sep-98: TOP 50 Requested Titles.

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1. Troubleshooting Your PC, with CD-ROM, 3rd ed.
Jim Aspinwall

2. Peter Norton's Inside the PC, 7th Ed.
John Goodman

3. Build Your Own Pentium II PC
Aubrey Pilgrim

4. Parallel Port Complete; Programming, Interfacing, and Using the PC's Parallel Printer Port
Janet Louise Axelson

5. The Undocumented PC; A Programmer's Guide to I/O, CPUs, and Fixed Memory Areas, with Disk, 2nd ed.
Gilluwe Frank Van

6. PC is Not a Typewriter; A Style Manual for Creating Professional-Level Type on Your Personal Com
Robin Williams

7. The Indispensable PC Hardware Book; Your Hardware Questions Answered, 3rd ed.
Hans-Peter Messmer

8. In Search of Clusters 2nd ed.
Gregory F Pfister

9. AS/400; System, Utilities, Database, and Programming
George Lin View Details

10. Easy PC Maintenance and Repair 2nd ed.
Phillip Laplante
11. Exploring IBM Personal Computers; The Instant Insiders Guide to PC Systems, Software, and Business.
Jim Hoskins    View Details

12. Irq, Dma, and; Resolving and Preventing PC System Conflicts
Jim Aspinwall View Details

13. Peter Norton's Inside the PC 6th ed.
Scott Clark

14. The Undocumented PC
Gilluwe Frank Van   View Details

15. Exploring IBM AS/400 Computing, 8th ed.
Jim Hoskins View Details
16. PC Intern, with CD-ROM, 6th ed.
Michael Tischer

17. Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide, with 2 CD's, 7th ed.
Mark Minasi View Details

18. AS/400--Concepts and Facilities 2nd ed.
Tony Bartz

19. Build Your Own Pentium Processor PC and Save a Bundle, 2nd ed.
Aubrey Pilgrim View Details

20. The Personal Computer from the Inside Out; The Programmer's Guide to Low-Level PC Hardware and Softw
Murray Sargent View Details

21. The Programmer's Guide to the AS/400
Robert W Janson

22. The Winn L. Rosch Hardware Bible, 3rd ed.
Winn Rosch

23. Virtual Memory
William Jolitz View Details

24. PalmPilot Companion
Steven M Schafer    View Details

25. The Indispensable PC Hardware Book; Your Hardware Questions Answered, 2nd ed.
Hans-Peter Messmer View Details

26. AS/400: A Practical Guide to Programming and Operations
Donald G Zeilenga   View Details

27. Complete Idiots Guide to PCs, with CD-ROM, 4th ed.
Joe Kraynak       View Details
28. Intel Microprocessors 8086/8088, 80186/80188, 80286, 
80386, 80486, Pentium, and Pentium Pro Proc
Barry B Brey   View Details

29. The Embedded PC's ISA Bus;
Firmware, Gadgets, and Practical             Ed Nisley     
Tricks  View Details
30. Exploring IBM RS/6000 Computers,
8th Ed.; Become an Instant Insider on       Jim Hoskins     
IBM's UNIX Workstations a  View Details
31. Navigating the AS/400, 2nd ed.           
John Enck     View Details
32. Programming the Parallel Port;
Interface the PC for Data Acquistion     Dhananjay V Gadre  View Details   
and Process Control
33. Design and Interfacing of IBM PC
and Compatible Computers, 2nd ed.       Muhammed Ali Mazidi View Details
34. Exploring IBM's Personal
Computers; The Instant Insider's Guide      Jim Hoskins     View Details  
to PC Systems, Software, and Bus
 35. The AS/400 Companion                     John Enck  View Detail
36. IBM AS/400; A Business
Perspective, 6th ed.                        Jim Hoskins  View Dtails
37. The Complete Idiot's Guide to         Development Group
Buying and Upgrading PCs, 2nd ed.              Alpha    View Details
38. Troubleshooting Your Multimedia PC    John Montgomery View Details
39. Power RISC System/6000; Concepts,
Facilities, and Architecture             Dipto Chakravarty  View Details
40. Tune Up Your PC; A Practical Guide      Mike Tooley    View Details
41. Macintosh Technology in the Common    Business Machine
Hardware Reference Platform                International  View Details
42. AS/400 Security in a Client/Server
Environment                                Joseph S Park  View Details
43. Pocket PC Reference, 5th ed.           Thomas Glover  View Details
44. IBM's 360 and Early 370 Systems        Emerson W Pugh View Details
45. Build Your Own Pentium Processor
PC                                         Aubrey Pilgrm View Details
46. Using the AS/400; An Introduction      Patrice Gaspen View Details    

47. MIPS R4000 User's Manual            Graphics Incorporated View Details
48. Introduction to Personal
Computers, 4th ed.                        Katherine Murray   View Details
49. Show Me PCs; A Visual Guide to the
Basics                                      Joe Kraynak  View Details
50. Welcome To-- Personal Computers,
2nd ed.                                      Kris Jamsa   View Details

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