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Latest Entry 9-Oct-2005

Below is the old Meeting Place text. I'm afraid it hasn't been used very much. Please let me know if any of the contacts are un-reachable, and I'll remove them. New entries welcome. 

Programmers, Hardware Designers:
MicroChip PIC Hardware Designers/Software Authors. Prefer Australians, as most of my requests for assistance come from the locals, but not a definite requirement.

This page is for people looking for designers, and people who can do this work. This can be software and/or hardware. It isn't a forum for advertising a product, however products supplied by an individual or Company may be mentioned in the text. I reserve the right to remove any name, or any text from the list at any time.

When DinoSaurs ruled the earth (circa early 1980) and TRS-80's were king, I had a list of Don's Authorized modifiers. These people didn't work for me, I just attempted to connect two groups of people together, people that needed work done and people that could do the work required. I have many people still contact me for very much the same reasons.

The idea was, if I could connect people, I would be doing two parties a service, mabey even three. I may sell something at the same time and make a profit for myself. Money is good!

This is my proposal:
I give people that "do", a venue to show their wares to the people that "don't".

The cost is zero. All I ask is, if you have a home page on the WEB then you must link to my home page.

To kick it off, I propose a simple method of self governing with a rating system. You must rate what you think your ability is.
The rating system is from 1 to 5 as follows:

    I have done 1 or 2 projects, but need more experience. If you can help pay my development costs, I will do what I can for you at a cost that only covers my out of pocket expenses.
    Have confidence in my work output to the degree that I feel that I will need an hourly rate or commission. This will be at a low level whilst I am a beginner.
    Proven Designer:
    I can do your project at a reasonable cost. Please contact me for rates. As I don't have experience in all areas, your project may be done at a reduced rate.
    I can do most projects without question. Please contact for Professional rates. Prices are at standard contract rates.
    Ultimate Professional:
    You need it. I do it. I charge to suit. No job too big or small. Because I can supply product in a short time, total result may be even cheaper than Proffesional.
All you need to do is send me up to 8 lines of text in pure ASCII or HTML code and I will add it to this page. If you have a home page on the Web, then you must provide a link to Dontronics home page. You must rate yourself from 1 to 5 as indicated in the text above.

Zero cost, however if I get flooded with requests, and my service provider requires additional payment for 'hits', the free approach may change. With all new ideas on the Net, I will have to change to suit any new concepts as dictated by change itself.

If you feel that this service has provided you with work that warrants a commission, I am not against this principle.

In the far future, a payment may be required for 'number of hits', however I would attempt to keep category (1) and (2) in the free class always.

I'll attempt to keep your listing here for 3 to 6 months. If you wish to re-new, please let me know. Not sure how this will go. I'm learning too!!

The List:
Newest additions added from the top.

Insert Names and Contact Info here. 8 lines Max. (Rating 1-5)

Subject:        meeting place posting
   Date:       12-Sep-2008
   From:        "Doming San Juan" domsnjuan@yahoo.com
     To:          dontronics.com

Greetings Mr. Mckenzie,
Is it possible to post my message on "Meeting Place"
The message is:

PIC microcontroller hardware & software (assembly) design.Very reasonable price Rate my proficiency  at 4, depending on area. Contact me: Doming San Juan Email: domsnjuan@yahoo.com


Rate=4. 10+ years in electronic manufacturing for low/hi-volume analog, digital, radio, software, plus ATE (Automated Test Equipment) use and programming. Fairly knowledgeable about what to/not-to do for building products or prototypes. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Email me via the comments/suggestions box on this webpage: http://www.joescat.com/micro/picchip.htm
Jose Da Silva

Rating = 3.
We are a fairly new company. We specialize in Software Design, Electronic Design and development, and electronic repair. We have a lot of experiecne in PIC Micro-controllers, as
well as TTL and CMOS circuits. We are in need of some start up business. We will beat any quote
out there. E-mail us at quotes@frankmundulaconsulting.com for a free quote, or visit the web
site http://www.frankmundulaconsulting.com

19-May-2002 Rating: ~2

Have done a few robotics projects, dealing with several AVR models. PCB design and production. I can develop and manufacture small custom electronic/mechatronic projects fully and at reasonable costs. Have programmed mostly in BASIC but done a little bit of C. Basic engineering/machining skills. Based near Melbourne Australia.
Email me at dp@deadpopstar.com or mobile: 0414709482

David Perry

Subject:         Meeting Place
   Date:       Mon, 22 Apr 2002 08:51:15 +0100
   From:         "Leon Heller" <leon_heller@hotmail.com>
     To:         "Don McKenzie" <dontronics.com>

Dear Don,
Please add this to your Meeting Place listing.

Rating 4

PIC and AVR hardware/software design. Xilinx and Altera FPGA and CPLD design. DSP using ADSP21xx. PCB design.

Recent projects include: High-speed RS-422/RS-232 comms hub (PIC SPI master and four AVR 2313 slaves). PIC-based GSM remote radio modem system. Xilinx CPLD SimmStick. MSP430 SimmStick. High-performance assembler floating-point package for ADSP-2187. Altera FLEX prototyping system.

I can do PCB design for a very competive price using the Pulsonix package, provided the customer creates the schematic using the free Pulsonix schematic design software or a compatible package such as Orcad or PADS.

Regards, Leon


----- Original Message -----
From: Don McKenzie <dontronics.com>
To: Steve Kayler to sk0 at ntlworld.com (email updated 10-oct-2004)
Sent: 23 February 2000 09:58

Hi Steve, was this something you wanted me to add to my market place?
Cheers Don...

Steve Kayler wrote:

Hello Don

I have designed hardware and software solutions using the PIC16F84,
and 8031, ranging from automatic calibration for smoke detectors, with
various protocols, to precision liquid dispensers, with lcd display,
and rs232 upload to a PC. I have extensive experience in C and
assembler, and can offer solutions at grade 3, as I am in full time
employment. Solutions would cover the complete package, from producing
an agreed specification, an acceptable method of implementation, and
software/hardware design including pcb layout. All work would be fully
documented to allow any future developers a minimal learning curve.


Steve Kayler
sk0 at ntlworld.com (email updated 10-oct-2004)

From: "mmbalog" mmbalog@hotkey.net.au
To: dontronics.com
Subject: RE: Starting out
Date:   Wed, 4 Feb 1998 23:20:16 +1100

Hi Don,

I'm Michael Balog, a self employed Electronics Engineer looking in a
way in getting my foot in the door of this electronics industry.

I'm looking for small jobs for starters that I can do for people or
firms, I have had experience in microcontroller design and
programming, and even using 32 bit risc processors, also I have
experience in power electronics (designing VFAC inverters, power

I'm currently contracted to OTIS Engineering Centre Australia working
in their research and development section.

I have had experience in also using a CAD package, so I can do a job
from design to pcb manufacture, and also debug and make it work to

Please reply by email at mmbalog@hotkey.net.au 

From: Eric Roby eric@ncweb.com

Subject: Meeting Place

Date: Sat, 15 Feb 1997 10:46:45 -0500

Hello Don,

I am accepting PIC engineering jobs. I have extensive experience in

electrical engineering and would rate my PIC experience at least a 5. My

rates are quite reasonable, and I have a full set of pic tools (including

PICMaster emulators) in house. I am located in the United States, but the

internet provides a real possibility of accepting jobs from Australia or

elsewhere. Thanks Don, When I get down there I'll stop in.

Eric Roby

Owner: Roby Electronics/Precision Graphics

(216) 466-9448 or (216) 466-7900 Fax(216) 466-2920


 Furzy Electronics (Michael & Jenelyn Kabriel) - based in Sydney
find us at http://www.ozemail.com.au/~mkabriel
Furzy is all about cost effective electronics development

small processors [PICs - 2~3 in C, HC11 - 4 in ASM, Z8 - 4 in ASM]
linear and instrumentation - 4 | RF - 2~3 | intrinsic safety (Ex ib) 3~4
PC [C, vis basic, OS2] - 2~4 | PCB design - 3~4 | overall electronics design 4

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