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"Serial PIC'n" ©  is a comprehensive book which details various methods for implementing serial communications between a Microchip PIC microcontroller and an external device. Asynchronous serial communications is covered both by using an on-chip USART and by bit-bang methods. The RS-232 standard is explained. A discussion of synchronous serial communications includes the I2C (Philips Semiconductors), SPI (Motorola) and Microwire (National Semiconductor) protocols. The Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire bus is described. Many code examples are included as modules which will provide the basis for the reader's own PIC microcontroller applications. By Roger Stevens (8-1/2 x 11", 520 pages).

                                TABLE OF CONTENTS

1 PICmicro Serial Communications and This Book

     1.1 Introduction to Serial Communications
     1.2 About This Book

2 Asynchronous Serial Communications

     2.1 Asynchronous Serial Overview
     2.2 Asynchronous Serial Protocol
     2.3 The Communications Channel and Flow Control

3 The RS-232 Standard

     3.1 RS-232 Overview
     3.2 Mechanical Interface
     3.3 Functional Interface
     3.4 Non-Standard RS-232 Applications
     3.5 Electrical Interface
     3.6 PIC to RS-232 Interface

4 The ASCII Character Code

     4.1 Graphic Characters
     4.2 Control Character Functions

5 Bit-Bang Asynchronous Communications

     5.1 Bit-Bang Half-Duplex
          5.1.1  Half-Duplex Receive and Transmit Services
               Bit-Bang Application
               12 Bit PICmicro Applications
               Bit-Bang 16C54 Application
          5.1.2 Receive Timeouts
          5.1.3 Interrupt Driven Receive
               Bit-Bang Interupt Driven Application
          5.1.4 Automatic Bit Rate Detection
               Automatic Bit-Rate Application
          5.1.5 Using the Section 5.1 Routines in Your Applications
     5.2 Bit-Bang Full Duplex
          5.2.1 Full-Duplex Receive and Transmit Tasks
               Bit-Bang Full-Duplex Application
          5.2.2 Full-Duplex Receive and Transmit Tasks with In-Band Flow Control
               In-Band Flow Control Application
          5.2.3 Using the Section 5.2 Routines in Your Applications
     5.3 Interrupt Driven Bit-Bang Full Duplex
          5.3.1 Bit-Bang Full-Duplex Application
          5.3.2 Using the Section 5.3 Routines in Your Applications

6 On-Chip UART

     6.1 Using The On-Chip USART
     6.2 UART Full-Duplex Receive and Transmit Services
          6.2.1 UART Transmit
          6.2.2 UART Receive
          6.2.3 A simple Full-Duplex Application
          6.2.4 Using the Section 6.2 Routines in Your Applications
     6.3 UART Applications
          6.3.1 Half-Duplex Block Data Transfer
                Block Transfer Application
          6.3.2 Packet Data Transfer
                Packet Data Transfer Application
          6.3.3 Using the Section 6.3 Routines in Your Applications

7 Synchronous Serial Communications

     7.1 Synchronous Serial Overview
     7.2 Embedded Systems and Synchronous Serial Communications
     7.3 Synchronous Serial Protocol
     7.4 Synchronous Serial Peripheral Devices
     7.5 Three Synchronous Serial Communications Standards
         I2C Bus
         SPI Bus
         Microwire Interface

8 The I2C Serial Bus

     8.1 I2C Bus Specifications
     8.2 The PIC as a Bit-Bang I2C Master
          8.2.1 I2C Bit-Bang Master Bus Services
          8.2.2 I2C Bit-Bang Master Bus Services Using FET Drivers
          8.2.3 Bit-Banging the I2C Bus with the 12 Bit PICmicro Family
          8.2.4 Using the Section 8.2 Routines in Your Applications
     8.3 The PICmicro as a Bit-Bang I2C Slave
          8.3.1 I2C Bit-Bang Slave Bus Services
          8.3.2 Using the Section 8.3 Routines in Your Applications
     8.4 Communicating With an I2C Serial EEPROM
          8.4.1 Bit-Banging the 24C32 EEPROM
          8.4.2 Bit-Banging the 24C32 EEPROM with the 12 Bit PICmicro Family
          8.4.3 I2C Bit-Bang EEPROM Application
          8.4.4 Using the Section 8.4 Routines in Your Applications
     8.5 The I2C Bus and Serial Analog to Digital Converters
          8.5.1 Using an SPI/Microwire A/D on the I2C Bit-Bang Bus
          8.5.2 I2C Bit-Bang A/D Application
          8.5.3 I2C Bit-Bang A/D and EEPROM Application
          8.5.4 Using the Section 8.5 Routines in Your Application
     8.6 I2C Bit-Bang Slave Applications
          8.6.1 I2C Bit-Bang Slave Application
                I2C Master Application
          8.6.2 I2C Bit-Bang Slave Application with ACK Polling
                I2C Bit-Bang Master Application

9 The SPI Serial Bus

     9.1 SPI Bus Specifications
     9.2 The PICmicro as a Bit-Bang SPI Master and Slave
          9.2.1 SPI Bit-Bang Master Bus Services
          9.2.2 SPI Bit-Bang Slave Bus Services
          9.2.3 Using the Section 9.2 Routines in Your Applications
     9.3 SPI Analog to Digital Converter
     9.4 SPI Display Driver
          9.4.1 SPI Bit-Bang A/D and Display Application
     9.5 Communicating with SPI Serial EEPROMS
          9.5.1 SPI EEPROM Bit-Bang Communications Services
          9.5.2 Using the Section 9.5 Routines in Your Applications
     9.6 Putting It All Together: A Data Logger Application Using the Bit-Bang SPI Master and Slave        services, the A/D
     services and the EEPROM Services
          9.6.1 Bit-Bang SPI Data Logger Master Application
          9.6.2 Bit-Bang SPI Slave LCD Display
     9.7 Using a Microwire EEPROM on the SPI Bit-Bang Bus
     9.8 An SPI Bit-Bang Slave Port Expander Application
          9.8.1 SPI Bit-Bang Slave Port Expander
          9.8.2 Using the Port Expander in Your Applications
     9.9 On-Chip SPI Hardware
          9.9.1 Using the On-Chip SSP Based SPI Hardware
          9.9.2 SSP Hardware SPI Serial EEPROM Communications
          9.9.3 SSP Hardware SPI A/D and Display Application
          9.9.4 SSP Hardware SPI Slave Application
          9.9.5 Using the Section 9.8 Routines in Your Applications
                SSP and BSSP
     9.10 Daisy Chaining SPI devices

10 The Microwire Serial Interface

     10.1 The Microwire Interface Specification (As a PICmicro Bit-Bang Master)
     10.2 Microwire Bit-Bang Master and Slave Interface Services
          10.2.1 Microwire Bit-Bang Master Interface Services
          10.2.2 Microwire Bit-Bang Slave Interface Services
          10.2.3 Using the Section 10.2 Routines in Your Applications
     10.3 Communicating with Microwire Serial EEPROMS
          10.3.1 Microwire EEPROM Bit-Bang Communications Services
          10.3.2 Using the Section 10.3 Routines in your Application
     10.4 Microwire Analog to Digital Converters
          10.4.1 Communicating with a Microwire A/D Converter
          10.4.2 A Microwire A/D, Microwire EEPROM
                 and Microwire to SPI Display Application
          10.4.3 Using the Section 10.4 Routines in Your Applications
     10.5 Microwire Bit-Bang Slave Applications
          10.5.1 A Microwire Slave Parallel Port Application

11 The Dallas 1-Wire Bus

     11.1 The Dallas 1-Wire Bus Specification
          11.1.1 Time-Slot Specifications
          11.1.2 Communications Protocol
          11.1.3 Hardware Specifications
     11.2 The PICmicro as a 1-Wire Bit-Bang Master and Slave
          11.2.1 1-Wire Bit-Bang Master Bus Services
          11.2.2 1-Wire Bit-Bang Slave Bus Services
          11.2.3 Using the Section 11.2 Routines in Your Applications
     11.3 Communicating with a 1-Wire Digital Thermometer
          11.3.1 Parasite Power
          11.3.2 A 1-Wire Bit-Bang DS1820 Thermometer Application
     11.4 A 1-Wire Bit-Bang Slave Application
          11.4.1 A 1-Wire Slave Parallel Port

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