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Dontronics Home Page  DT005 SimmStick Passive Mother Board

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There will be many uses for a passive Motherboard, when it comes to Microcontroller development.
You will however need some method of simply powering up a passive board. This can be done with the DT207 Power Supply and RS-232 Comms board, which is a 1" SimmStick, that can plug into any slot of the DT005 passive Motherboard.

People want to cascade relay boards, but they don't want to do it by stacking them end to end, as they can do on a flat surface with 30 pin R/A M/F headers.

If you have a look at the current Motherboards, you will see an extra row of  holes between each connector. These are at .15" centers, so you can fine tune the sockets to .15" depending on the height of your I/O board. On a standard MB, these holes also allow you a point to cut a track, and cross jumper bus signals.

The DT005 board is 4" by 4.75" and will allow for 14 slots, and provision for a 30 pin male right angle input header on the left hand end, and a female right angle output header on the right hand end of the board.

To keep costs to a minimum, this board is a single sided, solder masked only board. There is no silk screen, or text ovelay on the component side of the board. As you can see from the above picture, it doesn't need one.

There are boards around, off the shelf a lot cheaper that may do the same thing. We have one here in Australia from Dick Smith Electronics, that we simply soldered sockets to, no other work required, but it's a board in that old brown colour whatever it is, and the holes are almost staggered, they are aligned so badly. At least a new board designed for the job, would make a final product look a lot more professional.

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